White After Labor Day?


white on labor day

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Do I Wear White After Labor Day?

This is the question. White after Labor Day – what does that even mean? Do we even really understand where this concept has come from? The origin of this idea is over a century old, yet women are still pondering its implications.

Time Magazine sums it up best:

Back then, Labor Day marked the time the affluent returned from vacation, packed away the summer clothes and went back to school and work. While there’s a practical reason for the rule — white clothes dirty easily thus making them ill-suited for heavy autumn rains and winter slush — those who carried the rule through the decades had a less than practical reason for doing so. Indeed, as the years went by, traditionalists and nouveau riche alike continued to eschew winter whites throughout the 20th century in order to remain acceptable in high society. But where there’s a rule, there is always a rule breaker: Coco Chanel flouted the custom as early as the 1920s, and today many people have moved toward a seasonless wardrobe, wearing white in all seasons.

Tradition snuffed. Coco Chanel is just my style.

White Comes In All Forms

It’s not just the white clothing – lightweight linen, comfortable white tanks and tees, and white shorts. There’s fabulous white shoes, white bags and purses, and white sunglasses.

What do I say about wearing white after Labor Day?

“If you look fabulous in it, then wear it!”


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