What Your Swimsuit Style Reveals About Your Personality

Swimsuit Style at The Accessorized Life

What Your Swimsuit Collection Says About You

Swimsuit season is here! You may have a few already, or none at all, but now it’s time to start looking or adding to your collection. If you’ve been focusing on what your personal style is this year, then paying attention to your swimsuit style is a must. What you wear to the beach, or the pool says a lot about who you are, and how you feel about your body. Here’s what your swimsuit style reveals about your personality.

Printed One Piece

Swimsuit Style at The Accessorized Life

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A whole collection of one piece swimsuits says that you’re pretty modest about your figure overall. If all of your one pieces, just so happen to be solid colors, then one would probably think your style is simplistic as well. Nothing wrong with being a modest minimalist, but if you’re looking for a bit more excitement then try some prints. Printed one piece swimsuits screams I’m classy, but I like to have fun.


Swimsuit Style at The Accessorized Life

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Monokinis have been around longer than bikini’s. Since this time they have been notoriously representing to woman that loves to show skin, but not too much. The thing about Monokinis is that the women that choose to wear them are versatile. There could be an issue with weight, scars, or even no body image issues at all. This swimsuit is simply for the ladies that love to feel liberated…but to a certain extent.

Sporty Bikini’s

Swimsuit Style at The Accessorized Life

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Regular bikinis are still around, but today there’s so much more versatility. If you’ve found yourself loving sporty bikinis then this means that you’re pretty laid back. You love showing the hard work you’ve put into looking good, but you want to be casual about it. You’re proud of your body, but you also want to be cute and comfy, and right now, cute and comfy rules.

Mixing Tops And Bottoms

Swimsuit Style at The Accessorized Life

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Mixing tops and bottoms to a bikini, is also another innovative way to wear this swimsuit style. If you love bikinis, but you also love mixing colors, prints, and patterns, this shows that you’re a true creative. You’re care free and you love doing things on your terms. This style isn’t about showing skin as much as it’s about showing creativity and personality. Plus it’s a great way to feel like all of your bikinis were personally made for you!

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