The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Fashion

Cheat Sheet On Fashion at The Accessorized Life

Fashion Cheat Sheet

When it comes to wearable fashion having a great collection in your closet is what matters the most. Basics, things that you’ve had since the 90’s, and so on, are the great things that makes up the collection of clothing in your closet. You can’t just go shopping for the day and create a fabulous wardrobe. A day of shopping can only help you gain new fabulous items. Building your fashion wardrobe takes times and patience. Here’s the ultimate cheat sheet to fashion.

Keep Items That You Love

Cheat Sheet On Fashion at The Accessorized Life

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When spring comes along we tend to get the energy to clean everything. Guess that’s what spring cleaning is all about. You should be excited to add new spring trend to your wardrobe, but don’t throw away the good stuff. Keep classic items that you absolutely love and feel may never go out of style for you. The oldest and most loyal items in your closet are always the best.

Buy Items That You Love

Cheat Sheet On Fashion at The Accessorized Life

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When I’m out shopping the rule I stick by is this, do I love it? If I have to ask the answer is usually no. When you’re at a store and you suddenly lock eyes with that shirt, or pair of pants and your heart melts, you never ask if you’re in love. You just know. Those are the things that you should buy. Anything else can stay in the store. Trust me, it’ll just end up in next year’s “give away” pile.

Separate Your Fashion By Season

Cheat Sheet On Fashion at The Accessorized Life

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Another important factor in fashion is knowing how to style for the seasons. The easiest way to make sure you’re doing this correctly, is to separate your items. Storing your clothes and accessories by seasons ensures that you’re wearing the right things at the right time. Just think, designers do it all the time, so it must be smart right?

Buy Basics

Cheat Sheet On Fashion at The Accessorized Life

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I know basics seem boring to a lot of people. If you love bold colors, prints, and patterns, then you may not be too interested in basics. Shopping for quality basics is a great investment. It saves you from those moments where you need a plain shirt, but don’t have one. It’s also very hard to find a basic in a specific color when you need it. They seem to only be around when you don’t want one. Those are the best times to grab them.

Quick Tip: Some of your summer items can be worn in early fall. You can also wear most of your spring attire throughout the fall as well. The difference is just a matter of adding things (cardigan, stockings, etc…) to make you warm.

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