U R Curly Loose Curl Enhancer Product Review

u r curly hair product review with the accessorized life

New Product Alert U R Curly Loose Curl Enhancer Is Perfect For Winter Styles

I’ve been using this new product for the past month or so, called U R Curly Loose Curl Enhancer. I can honestly say that this is now one of my favorite products for curl enhancing and stretching.

U R Curly Loose Curl Enhancer at the Accessorized Life

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This is a gel based product and it’s free of alcohol, parabens, sulfate and dyes. It’s also enriched with Abyssinian oil, B5, and Echinacea, which I found very interesting. Echinacea is used often to help prevent colds and get rid of existing ones. I was wondering how it helped for hair, so I did some research and found out that Echinacea is actually amazing for your whole body during the winter. It not only fights cooties, but it protects your hair, skin, and nails by fighting off the cold, dry, winter air. This product seems like it’ll be perfect if you’re doing protective styles this winter with your own natural hair.

Echinacea with The Accessorized Life

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I like the design of the bottle it’s really chic and modern. I love the consistency of the product also. It’s nice and thick but not sticky or too greasy. This product also smells amazingly good. It’s like a fresh lemon scent, or lemonade. It’s delicious. One thing I was worried about was the thickness. Thick products can be great for definition, but tend to get super flaky. This actually dried soft and there were no flakes, or white residue.

I would say if your hair type is 3A to 4A this product will work best on your hair. U R Curly Loose Curl Enhancer is gel based, but it enhances your curls instead of styles them. What I mean by that is a styler gel will define your curls and hold them. This product defines your curls without the dry hold. If your hair has a natural curl pattern while freshly washed and wet, this product will help enhance that pattern. If you don’t have a curl pattern at all while your hair is wet and washed, then this product will probably do little to nothing for you.


Different hair types with The Accessorized Life

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U R Curly Loose Curl Enhancer is a softer gel. It hydrates to define, so your hair never gets hard or “crunchy”. My hair always stays when I use this. I do experience slight frizzing, but it’s the natural kind that’s cute and never out of control. My advice is to be careful when it comes to how much to use. Using too much can result in having greasy hair. Just the right amount will bring your natural curls to life while still having touchable hair. That’s why I like this. Not to say anyone will be touching my hair, but no one wants to wash their hands every time they touch their greasy hair.

The way you use this product is to apply a little at a time while your hair is soaking wet and clean. Apply it to your hair in small sections. This is the best method for maximum results. Rake the product through each section from root to tip. The raking is really important because you want to make sure you’re applying the product to all of the strands in that section evenly. Once you’ve done this I say add more as you see fit. You’ll start to notice that your curls will have some stretch.

U R Curly Loose Curl Enhancer Results

U R Curly Results with the Accessorized Life

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I think this is a really pretty look. It gives you a nice beach look in the summer and in the winter if you have longer hair this may make it easier for you to snatch your hair back into a ponytail or bun.

U R Curly Loose Curl Enhancer can be found at Sally Beauty Supply. That’s the first place I found it. You should be able to spot it at a hair store near you. If not I’ve definitely seen it on Amazon. I have the link for you all down below. I also added a link to the amazing benefits of echinacea for hair skin and nails.  

U R Curly Loose Curl Enhancer, 8.5 Ounce 

Echinacea For Hair, Skin, And Nails Dry Winter Relief

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