Top Reasons Why The Foreo Luna 2 Is A Must Have Investment

Foreo Luna 2 at The Accessorized Life

Why You Should Invest In A Foreo Luna 2

Investing in things that better your life and health is never a bad idea. That’s why I believe the Foreo Luna 2 is a great investment for your overall skin care routine. You can find these new face washing devices at Sephora. The reason why they’re an investment is, because they’re being sold for about $200.

Why $200? Well, according to reviews on Foreo these are said to be better than the Clarisonic. That extremely popular spinbrush that everyone was using to exfoliate their faces with.

Foreo Luna 2 at The Accessorized Life

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The Foreo already has two models out. There’s also a Foreo Play for much cheaper. The retail value of that one is $39. That’s because it’s more of a trial, so you only get about 30 uses out of it. They’re also much smaller.

Foreo Luna 2 at The Accessorized Life

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I would recommend asking for a gift card this Christmas. Maybe you’ll get the full amount, but even if you don’t, you can use the card and pay the difference. It’ll be like having a discount.

The Luna 2 was introduced after the second model of the original Foreo. This one comes in a variety for different skin types. There’s one for sensitive skin, oily, and combination. Foreo’s are made out of silicone, with little bristles at the top of it that exfoliates your skin at different speeds. This is a softer and safer way to give your skin a deep clean. Since the bristles are made of silicone, it’s softer on the skin. This causes less irritation and it’s easier to clean.

You would use the Foreo Luna 2 every time you exfoliate, and not for daily cleansing. That is, unless you exfoliate everyday (which is not recommended). You can also use the back of it. When pressing the ridges on the back of the Foreo to your face, the pulsations helps the collagen flow through your face.

Foreo Luna 2 at The Accessorized Life

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Another reason why this tool is a good investment, is because it’ll last you a few years. That’s the way they’re designed. They’re sturdy and have an amazing battery life. I don’t mean 10-12 hours either. It’s on a different level. You can charge this device right after opening it, and not have to charge it again for another few months.

The Foreo Luna 2 is also amazing, because it’s water proof. If you wash your face in the shower like I do then it’s perfect. The way you use the Foreo is simple. You just add whatever product you use to wash your face, then wet your Foreo and apply it to your face. Foreo does make their own day and night face washes. You can buy them separately and some even come with the Foreo as a set. I believe the face washes come with the play when you buy it.

There’s been a lot of reviews saying that the Foreo Luna 2 for combination skin has helped clear acne. I think that alone make it worth the purchase.

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