Top Five Ways To Accessorize On A Budget


Accessorize On A Budget Like A Pro With These Steps


Learn the best tips and tricks to accessorize on a budget and keep most of your money in your pocket.

The way to successfully accessorize on a budget comes with a few steps. It’s a very easy concept once you pick up on the basics. Items like jewelry, bags, and belts should enhance your beauty and not cost you an arm and a leg. There’s a few great easy ways to keep up with the hottest trends every season without breaking the bank.


1. Stick to A Budget


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The best way to shop for accessories on a budget is to start off with a budget. Be honest about what you can spend. After you’ve set your budget, sticking to it is the most important and hardest part. Whether your limit is $40, or no more than $5 per item. Whatever limits you choose just make sure it’s realistic and affordable to your lifestyle. Even telling yourself something like “I want to have $30 left when I’m done” is a goal to help keep you on track.


2. Shop Costume Jewelry


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CoCo Chanel was first to introduce the idea of costume jewelry to the world back in the 60’s. It’s been worn by many famous and fabulous women ever since. Liz Taylor, Jackie O, and Audrey Hepburn all wore costume jewelry. It’s always been a great way to look like money without spending all of it. You can find great costume jewelry anywhere. Keep in mind that the quality does mean a lot. When shopping for costume jewelry you have to make sure that it’s made well, because you want to get your money’s worth. Costume jewelry does not mean cheap or poorly made. CoCo Chanel still has a great line of costume jewelry. More budget friendly stores such as Aldo and Express carries quality jewelry and they usually have sales.


3. Look for Deals and Sales


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Does anyone else head straight to the sales rack when entering a store? A great sale is a friend to everyone. The best things about sales is that they happen often, so if you missed a good one trust that another is just around the corner. Most of the time when you buy at full price you end wasting your money. Most full price items end up on sale in about two to three weeks. Remember that next time you spot something that you love, but can’t afford it in the moment. Wait on it and the price will definitely come down. The sale rack isn’t just random stuff in the back of the store. No, it’s all of the good stuff that wasn’t being bought at full price. Thanks to the smart budget shoppers of course.


4. Buy A Multifunctional Bag


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Bags are investments. No one plans on only using a purse for a short period of time. When shopping for a new bag you have to think about yourself and your daily activities. Are you always on the go? Do you carry a lot with you? If the answer is yes, then you have to think multi-functional. For work or all your busy on the go days think of medium to larger bags. Make sure it’s stylish yet appropriate for your everyday life. Whatever your weekly activities are make sure that you look for a bag that supports them. Pick a great neutral color, so that it can be worn with almost everything. Also if you don’t have one, try to find a black clutch. These beautiful little things also goes with almost everything, so it’ll save you from trying to buy a purse for every night time event.


5. Get A Variety Of Belts


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Belts are one of the best ways to add a more fitted and polished look to your clothes. A great accent belt can make an old outfit look like a totally new one. Sometimes you don’t even need to buy more clothes, which is another way belts help you save money. You just need to accessorize and style clothing differently. Having a belt definitely helps you see the light. It’s absolutely possible to wear one thing a few ways without anyone ever noticing. You’ll always save more money when you don’t have to buy a new outfit. Throwing a belt on it goes along way.


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