My Top 4 Picks For The Best Inexpensive Accessories…Ever

Just because you have bills to pay doesn’t mean you can’t look nice. Knowing where to shop to find inexpensive accessories is a must, to keeping yourself looking good when financial responsibilities are on the rise. These are my top “go to’s” for shopping on a budget.

Forever 21

forever 21 inexpensive accessories accessorized life

Photo Cred: Forever 21

This has to be one of my most favorite places to get jewelry. Their accessories section is always on point and I’m never disappointed. This is always where I think of when I need inexpensive accessories.You can usually find more modern necklaces, bracelets, and rings. Their accessories are always really edgy and fashion forward. If you’re all about staying on trend I think they’re the best store to shop at. I’m not too trendy I tend to stick with what I like, but when I want to dive into what’s hot this season I usually hit the up first.

Charming Charlie

charming charlie where to shop for inexpensive accessories the accessorized life

Photo Credit: National Harbor

Charming Charlie is cute, because it’s like a grown-up version of Claire’s. For those of you that may be like huh? Claire’s is an accessories store for young girls. It’s super cute and Charming Charlie is the more adult store. I haven’t seen shoes sold in any locations I’ve been to, but they always have really cute bags, scarves, jewelry, and hair accessories. If you’re into designer bags, but not designer bag prices you may fall in love with this store. I’ve spotted bags that were inspired by high fashion bags that are trending. It’s not knock off because it’s not pretending to be the label. It’s just made with the same model, but with a generic name. This store has more “work” type jewelry that you’d most likely wear to the office. You can find the romantic look and lots of professional pieces to add to your collection here.


aldo shoes where to shop inexpensive accessories the accessorized life

Photo Credit: Georgetown DC

Aldo may be thee place to shop for inexpensive accessories. If you’re more of an investment buyer I say go here first. What I mean by that is if you don’t mind spending a few more dollars on something that may last you a few years instead of a few months then go for it. Now, I’m not saying this because Aldo’s accessories are crazy expensive. It’s just that you can tell their accessories are made of higher quality materials than other stores. Also Aldo is well known for having a great selection of bags, shoes, and jewelry. The last bag I had from Aldo lasted about five years and it was on sale for $35. Plus their jewelry is also on sale and they usually have great coupons or discounts for their shoes.

Consignment Shops

georgics how to shop accessorized life

Photo Credit: Georgie’s Consignment

Consignment shops are the best places to find the most unique accessories. If you’re looking for things that are a little more one of a kind then this is the way to go. The prices are always right too. You can always find a great deal at a consignment shop. These stores may not always be easy to find depending on where you live. I usually see them in more artsy neighborhoods where thrift stores are usually found.

To shop my favorite “go to” stores for inexpensive accessories I provided the links for you below!

Forever 21

Charming Charlie


Featured Photo Credit: Pinterest

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