The Top 3 Online Deal Sites You May Not Have Known About

Online Deal Sites at The Accessorized Life

Top 3 Deal Sites You Have To Check Out

Are you always looking for a new place to shop? A boutique, or an online store that allows you to have all of the latest designs, but at an affordable price? Well, we usually are too of course, so we have a few that we would love to share. Being able to shop and still feel good about where your finances are, is the main thing that any fashionista wants. We know about something even better that can save you money and you don’t even have to leave the house! Here are the top 3 online deal sites you may not have known about.

Barney’s Warehouse Sale

Online Deal Sites at The Accessorized Life

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Barney’s warehouse sales are notoriously popular in big cities. They only happen twice a year, and they’re the most efficient way to shop Barney’s at a discounted rate. The prices are slashed down to about 75% off, which is something that you would never see in the department stores. The greatest news we’ve heard all year is that Barney’s warehouse sales are now available online! It’s like shopping in a major city, only at home, and in your pajamas.

Shop Miss A

Online Deal Sites at The Accessorized Life

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Shop Miss A is a wonderful, eye opening, shopping experience. It’s literally a one stop shop for beauty and fashion accessories. Get this, everything on the site is only a dollar! Yes every single item sold on Shop Miss A is just a dollar. Trust us you’ll be checking the price on every item you like, just to double check. If it sounds too good to be true, feel free to check out a few YouTube reviews on their products. They’re all actually pretty good, plus their selection is pretty impressive. For just a dollar, we think it’s worth a shot.


Online Deal Sites at The Accessorized Life

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Gilt, is honestly a guilt free way to get a lot of shopping done. We don’t know if that’s why it’s called “Gilt” but we do know that using this website eliminates it. This is a members only site, so you must register and sign up, before experiencing this greatness. Afterwards you’ll be able to participate in Gilts amazing flash sales. Just be careful though. We suggest checking Gilt out only when you’re ready to shop. Missing out on a Gilt flash sale has been known to bring anybody to tears.

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