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My Must Haves For Christmas

Have you guys made your Christmas list yet? If you’re stuck don’t worry. I just finished my Christmas wish list and I thought of a few things to put on mine that may really help you all out. These are all beauty and style products that will surely keep you on your game this holiday season. Here’s my top must haves for this Christmas. Hope you like them!

Q-Redew Hair Steamer


Q-Redew Hair Steamer Christmas wish list at The Accessorized Life

Photo Credit: Type 4 Naturals

There’s this hair steamer that people won’t stop talking about. I’m not a fan of putting heat on my hair anymore, but this seems like it has some health benefits. I’m down to try anything healthy at least once. The is said to be great for easy detangling and restoring the moisture in your hair from yesterday’s do. Moisture and detangling are key factors to having healthy natural hair. I like the diffuser on the end of the steamer. You put it right to your scalp the same way you do for a blow dryer diffuser. It seems easy to use and easy to store, so I’m definitely willing to give it a shot.

Sephora Gift Card

Sephora Gift Card Christmas wish list at The Accessorized Life

Photo Credit: Sephora Gift Card

I love shopping smart. I think it’s so genius to ask for gift cards at places where you’re enrolled in their rewards program. Sephora has one of the best rewards programs for their customers. You basically get something free every other time you buy something, or you can save your points and let them stack up. That way when you’re ready you can spend them how to want to. This is exactly why I’m adding the Sephora gift card to my Christmas wishlist. I can get a gift while getting a gift for myself and not have to spend a dime. It’s like two gifts in one. That’s pretty awesome.

Mac Nutcracker

Mac Nutcracker Christmas wish list at The Accessorized Life

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MAC always has the best holiday makeup gift sets. This year their Nutcracker collection is everything and more. I really want to try out the eye compact. I love having festive eye makeup for the holiday season. The winter time is best for playing around with makeup looks. Makeup keeps your skin hydrated, which is really good for this time of the year. This is why I like to get creative with looks. MAC is known for having amazing holiday collections and I think this Nutcracker line is amazing. There’s so many face, lip, and eye palettes to chose from. They also come packaged in a really cute design and the fact that their limited edition makes them extra special.

Velvet Booties

Pinterest Velvet Booties Christmas wish list at The Accessorized Life

Photo Credit: Pinterest

I’ve had my eyes on velvet booties for quite some time now. I know they might be hard to wear in the snow right now, so I will love these and cherish them until spring comes back around. I don’t think these will be going out of style anytime soon, which is why I need to get a pair. They come in so many cute colors and they look extra comfy. I love a comfy heel. Plus I’m all about shoes that makes your outfit stand out. If you are too then these are the perfect statement shoes.

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Featured Photo Credit: Photo Edited With Layout

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