To Selfie or Not To Selfie: The Stigma Behind Self Promotion

Self Promotion at The Accessorized Life

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Self Promotion Is It A Go Or A No

I recently read the latest issue of Vogue and there was an ad about self promotion. I’m assuming it could have been because I was looking at the online version of Vogue with my iPad. There was a very nice picture of a woman, laying by an extravagant pool, in front of an expensive looking house, with an amazing outfit on. She’s laying back with a selfie stick and positioning herself for the perfect picture. I guess she’s trying to catch the light, or get her face together, or something. Either way the question remains, has the act of self promotion gone too far?

Self Promotion at The Accessorized Life

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Anytime you go on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, or anywhere else where pictures and moments are shared you see nothing but faces. Millions of selfies have taken over the Internet. I’m not here to bash or judge what people choose to do with their personal accounts. It’s your life at the end of the day, and as long as you’re happy that’s what truly matters. I just think it’s important to ask ourselves “what are we doing it for”  do you have a positive purpose for it all? Or is everyone trying to say my life, my food, and my day, is better than yours?

Some people use social media posting to enhance their careers. That’s a very smart choice. That requires positivity, especially if your job is an inspiration to others. There are also people that have a social media account for the original purpose, which was staying in touch with those you can’t see often. In either case there’s a few things to keep in mind when self promoting on social media.

Ask Why Am I Posting This?
Self Promotion at The Accessorized Life

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This question was posed early on. I think this is a very good question to ask, before promoting yourself on social media. Whatever the reason is, is fine. The point of asking isn’t to shame yourself, or even pat yourself on the back. The whole point is honesty and making sure that you’re just aimlessly doing things. Whatever the reason is just go with it. Who knows, maybe if you ask yourself enough your reasons will start to change. You may end up with a whole new reason as to why you’re posting at all.

Be Considerate
Self Promotion at The Accessorized Life

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Remember that not everyone is a fan of self promotion. Be kind and considerate of other people and their feelings towards this. I know it’s weird, but some people still want to live very private lives. They may not want you to take videos and, or pictures in their homes. It’s also important to be aware that a friend, or family member may not want to take your picture during a bonding experience. These things are true even if it is work related. Making sure that you’re not making the people you care about uncomfortable while self promoting is very important.

Be Aware Of Your Audience
Self Promotion at The Accessorized Life

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Some people may not care about this, and they have a right to. Everyone has the right to do what they want with their profiles. Although it is important to be aware of your audience. If you’re promoting yourself for inspirational reasons, then this concept is extremely important. You want to make sure that you’re not offending anyone in your following, and that you’re being a good role model. Remember people could be following you that really look for your guidance.

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