The Ultimate Guide to Summer Skin Care

Summer Skin Care at The Accessorized Life

The Perfect Summer 2017 Skin Care Guide

Skin care is a constant struggle, but that doesn’t mean you can’t conquer it. Every summer it’s necessary to switch up your skincare routine. Your winter skin care regimen doesn’t have to be as different as your summer one. We’ve come up with the ultimate guide to summer skin care, to help save all of you ladies some time on the switch up. We hope these next few tips we’re about to share is beneficial to your life, but we’re sure that they will be. Here they are.

Use Moisturizers With Sun Protectors

Summer Skin Care at The Accessorized Life

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This summer, and every summer for that matter, the one thing people forget most is the sun. Not how hot the sun is in general, but it’s very easy to forget how the sun affects our skin. The sun’s rays are good for us, but just like everything else, too much of anything is never a good idea. Moisturizing should already be apart of your everyday routine, but in the summer it’s best to switch up your products. Using a moisturizer that’s designed to protect your skin from the summer sun is the best way to go to protect yourself from spots, burning, and other damages.


Summer Skin Care at The Accessorized Life

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One thing this heat is good for is making you feel hot and sticky. It may be a wonderful idea to carry a refresher spray with you on the go. It’s easy to look hot when it is hot, and no one wants to be caught out here looking like they’re about to pass out. Carrying a refresher spray is a great remedy for curing an overheated, hot, and sweaty face. Refresher sprays even work if you have a full beat face. Just spray on as much as you need and give your face a few moments to dry naturally. Trust us, it really works.

Control Your Oily Zones

Summer Skin Care at The Accessorized Life

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Primers are always known as being a base for your skin before applying your makeup. The thing people still may not know is that primers are an easy way to fight shine during the day. Applying primer on your face as if it was foundation may seem a little weird at first, but trust us on this one. You will definitely be shine free all day long. It’s amazing how this stuff works.

Go Natural More

Summer Skin Care at The Accessorized Life

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Yup, that’s right. Going fresh face for the majority of the summer (or whenever you want) is the one of the easiest and most effective ways to keep clear skin this summer. Sometimes it’s just necessary to let your skin breathe. This doesn’t mean that you can’t wear a little mascara and a cute lip though. We’re just saying foundations, concealers, highlights, and more can have the night off a few nights a week.

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