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Top Picks In Pinterest Holiday Inspiration

Looking through Pinterest Holiday inspiration is an amazing guide to help you figure out what to wear right now. The holidays is such an exciting time and your outfits have to match the mood. That’s why festive wear is so in right now. The more you’re participating in the holiday spirit the better. If you’re trying to figure out what to add to your closet stop stressing, because I’ve found the top choices.

Alex And Ani Holiday Bracelets

Alex And Ani Holiday Bracelets pinterest holiday inspiration at The Accessorized Life

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Alex and Ani is an amazing jewelry line with beautiful pieces, that represents people in a special way. There are bracelets for every occasion and even charities. Right now they have their holiday set available. These bracelets comes in this season’s hottest colors. Blue and gold tones are really popular for the holidays. You can also find some arm candy with cute holiday pendants like snowflakes. These are really cute to wear to work, or any holiday party.

Velvet Choker

Velvet Choker pinterest holiday inspiration at The Accessorized Life

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Yes, chokers are still in and especially right now. A velvet choker is such a chic accessory to add to your look. You can wear it alone or pair it with a delicate necklace, or two. My favorite thing right now are colored chokers. The black ones are amazing, but a red, blue, or even purple choker can really spice up your look. It’s like the holidays meets the 90’s. It’s a perfect collaboration for staying on trend. You can wear these chokers to the office or in your everyday lifestyle. They can easily go from day to night, which makes them even better.

Sequin Clutch

Sequin Clutch pinterest holiday inspiration at The Accessorized Life

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Clutches are so clutch and so chic. I don’t know anyone who carries a purse and doesn’t love a good clutch. These are one of the greatest accessories for parties. They’re compact, lightweight, and easy to carry. They also make you look really classy while using them. They add a bit of elegance to your outfit. You can wear them with a dressy outfit, or a casual one and it’ll still look good either way. Sequin clutches are always perfect for this time of the year. They’re classic staple accessories for the holiday season. If you don’t have one I say invest in a sequin clutch fast. Trust me you’ll use it every year.

Snowflake Earrings

Snowflake Earrings pinterest holiday inspiration at The Accessorized Life

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Wearing festive jewelry is always an easy way to stay in the holiday spirit. Some of the cutest jewelry to try is snowflake earrings. They are so fun and they’re still appropriate for work. Just like every other look mentioned, they can be worn casually as well. They will definitely look amazing paired with jeans, or a nice pencil dress for work. There’s something about snowflake earrings that’s just super elegant, too bad they can’t be worn all year long. Or can they?….

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