Shhhh… Listen! Do You Hear The Sound Of The Lord?

Faith Tuesday at The Accessorized Life

Do you hear what I hear?

In Genesis 3:9 we find, “But the LORD God called to the man, “Where are you?” What happened to cause this question in a nutshell is this…Adam and Eve didn’t listen to God, did their own thing, and ended up hiding among the trees because they were ashamed of their nakedness. Prior to this fall of man they were fine to be in their birthday suits. Disobedience to God caused shame to enter the picture. They were never meant to carry that shame. We were never meant to carry shame. The result?

So many of us are hiding from God.

We hide from God with busyness, an overbooked calendar (why, why, why – do I do this? Never again I tell myself, repeatedly!), with so many priorities that nothing gets done. We fill every quite moment with flipping through Facebook, Snapchatting or if you’re like me mindlessly walking through Target with a coffee and a cart filled with stuff I don’t need or probably even want.

Listen at The Accessorized Life

We seem to fill our quiet moments with everything but quiet time with the Lord. You see friend, God is not hard to find. He is ready and waiting for us to carve out time, to make Him a priority. He’s already made us a priority. Unless we make Him a priority, we will never develop our ear for hearing from the Lord. We’ll continue to rely on other people’s relationships with God to get us through. Who wants that? A second-hand relationship with anyone? But that’s what the majority of us are settling for.

We will train our ears to hear from God by meeting Him in His Word, praying and listening. There is no other way. Is the LORD calling to you the same way He called out to Adam and Eve?

“Where are you?”

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