Review: Essential Oils and Tips for Clear Skin

Tips On The Best Essential Oils For Healthy Skin

Essential oils are seriously the best beauty products ever. They work magic on everything. Your hair, nails, and skin come to life every time you apply a little oil to them. Using essential oils isn’t just good for the skin on your body. I’m talking about using it on your face as the ultimate beauty product. For years I know most of you have spent time making sure your facial products were “oil-free”. The truth is oil is where it’s at.


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If you have acne prone to oily skin you can definitely benefit from oils as well. I know it sounds crazy oil cancels out oils. If you’re doing too much to strip your skin of oils that’s the worst thing you can do. Your skin will get irritated and actually breakout. Stripping your skin of oils makes your skin go into overdrive to produce more oils.

Oils that are good for your skin provides moisture and anti-inflammatory healing agents. Using these oils actually slows down the production of oil and heals your acne, acne scars, stretch marks, tightens the skin, and unclogs pores, just to name a few things.

I’ll be honest and say the smells are strong. These oils may not be ideal for pregnant women and people that suffer from nausea due to strong smells.

There’s a whole list of amazing essential oils that are good for your skin. My favorites right now are frankincense, neroli, myrrh, and tea tree. These all have anti-inflammatory agents that help heal acne, corrects, tones, tightens, and promotes healthy cell production.


How To Use Essential Oils


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When using these stronger essential oils listed above it is not recommended to use them alone. It’s best to mix them with a carrier oil. The ratio should be 20 drops of a carrier oil for every one-to-two drops of essential oils. When using these oils on your face the best results are given when you do an oil wash instead of just letting your skin absorb all the oil.


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People often recommend mixing the oils listed above with water to dilute them. This is something you can do, but for maximum results, I would try mixing them with a carrier oil such as castor oil, jojoba, hemp, or tamanu oil. These oils have pretty much the same effects on skin as the previous ones listed. That’s why they make such a great team. Also, these oils are gentler so the essential oils are more of a booster. The carrier oils are mild enough to be used alone or mixed for maximum results.

After mixing the oils you should wash your face with a mild soap and gently pat it dry. Once dry massage the oils into your skin. You can use your fingers or an exfoliating pad to help get rid of any dry skin. Then rinse your face with warm to tolerable hot water.


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Pat your face lightly with a towel and continue to let your face air dry.

These oils are also the best natural makeup remover you can find. Not only that you can remove your eyelashes safely too, by applying a dab of oil to a cotton swab and applying it along the lash line. This will make your false lashes slide right off without tugging and tearing out your natural lashes.

When used from head to toe these oils can help heal acne, eczema, psoriasis, chapped skin, scars, stretch marks, wrinkles, and more.

I definitely recommend the use of essentials oils to everyone. I have some links below to help you find the right ones for your skin type.

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