No Time? No Money? No Problem! How You Can Get A Makeover With A $50 Budget

Makeover With A $50 Budget at The Accessorized Life

Budget Makeover

Give yourself a makeover! You definitely deserve one, that is if you want to. I’m sure that you look beautiful just the way you are, but makeovers are always fun. Not only, are makeovers fun, they’re extremely liberating too. Makeovers gives you the ability to pull off a certain look, that you’ve always wanted to try. You can even reinvent yourself and say goodbye to the old you. I know this may sound like an expensive, long, and drawn out process, and it can be, but it doesn’t have to be. A quick makeover is totally doable, and it can also be done on an affordable budget too! Here’s how you can get a makeover with a $50 budget.

Makeover With A $50 Budget at The Accessorized Life

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The very first thing you have to do is set your budget. Since this is short notice you want to be reasonable with your spending limits. Go with what you can afford and be honest about it. No one has to know your budget, but you. A $50 dollar budget can be worked out very nicely. You have to be smart and realistic about how, and where you can spend your money. Think about what look you’re going for and which stores specialize in that style. Once you’ve got your store selections narrowed down and your budget set, your ready to get shopping.

Makeover With A $50 Budget at The Accessorized Life

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Some of my favorite stores to shop at has a rewards program. These are also the same stores that have the best promotional deals to save even more money. It’s easy to find deals and discounts online, but since this is a quick makeover, you may not have time for all of that. I say head to the mall and get it done, so you can skip waiting 5-10 days for shipping. My favorite stores to go to in the mall are Sephora, Express, and Forever 21. I have the Sephora, and Express apps on my phone, because I take full advantage of their rewards program. You’ll definitely save money, because you pretty much get a free gift with every other purchase. You can always cash in on your free gift when you go back for more makeover goods.

Makeover With A $50 Budget at The Accessorized Life

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I rarely buy clothing at full price. It’s so much smarter to wait till items go on sale. The process of new items going on sale takes about two weeks honestly. You can see something during a mall trip that’s too expensive, and come back next week to catch it on sale. That’s why looking for sales is always the smart way to shop on a budget. Shopping on sale may even save some of your money too. The wonderful thing about shopping at places with rewards programs is that you can still shop the sale items in that store. That’s a win, win situation. Now, get out there and get started on your makeover. You deserve it!

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