No, Your Natural Beauty is not Enough- Here’s Why

Natural Beauty at The Accessorized Life

Why Just Natural Beauty, Just Ain’t Cutting It

Natural beauty has become an extraordinary phenomenon….or it’s just back in style ha ha. For some ladies it’s never been out of style. Natural hair, nails, and even a fresh face is what makes some women feel beautiful. Makeup is absolutely wonderful, and creative, but it’s OK that it’s not for everyone. More women are embracing their natural beauty to boost their self esteem, and we think that’s a gorgeous idea. It’s just extremely important to consider, and always remember that no, natural beauty is not enough. What we mean is this, natural beauty doesn’t make you a wonderful person, it won’t make you a happier person all of a sudden either.

Natural Beauty at The Accessorized Life

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Building your character is what really makes your beauty shine the most. It doesn’t matter if you’re wearing a wig, and a fully beat face, or your real hair and little to no makeup, your personality is what matters the most. Confidence and believing in yourself is key. Work on yourself, but stay true to who you are. Allow people the chance to get to know the real you as you continue to strive towards greatness. The right people will fall in love with you instantly, just because of who you are, and not what you look like. Don’t get us wrong, physical beauty is a wonderful plus, it’s just not enough.

Natural Beauty at The Accessorized Life

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Your ability to stay positive and joyful no matter what the circumstances are, is another beautiful quality, which comes from within. The most attractive thing about a person is usually their attitude towards life. Being able to look on the bright side and finding the silver lining in every situation is major. When trials and tribulations don’t keep you down, that’s the sort of beauty that really sticks out. It’s just like that Audrey Hepburn quote “The prettiest girls are the happiest ones” Or something like that. Being negative every time someone encounters your space is what truly makes a person ugly.

Natural Beauty at The Accessorized Life

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People may overlook this trait often in human beings, but the way we treat others says a lot about ourselves. Watching a beautiful woman do foul things makes her appear ugly, even if she is physically pretty. It may even make you go the other way every time you see her. Have you ever admired a woman, and thought she was absolutely breathtaking, because of her ability to always do the right thing? These are the types of women to look up to, because doing the right thing is an exquisite quality to have. It will bring you a poise and sophistication that natural beauty just can’t buy.

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