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The next big thing in makeup is something that we’ve been seeing here and there, but we still had to feel it out. There’s no denying this style, and when you see the varieties you’ll start to fall in love with it. The way we apply our eyeliner will forever be changed now that floating eyeliner has made it’s way through the door. The eyes for most people is what makes the face, and most makeup artist would agree as well. That’s why the technique of floating eyeliner has become so popular. Floating eyeliner is a nice little trick for really enhancing your eyes. You can subtly, or dramatically bring attention to the shape of your eyes.

Makeup at The Accessorized Life

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Eyeliner has been used to adorn our eyes since ancient Egyptian times. That classic trend has crossed over into new dimensions and we’re here for it! The idea is for the eyeliner to float above your lash line. Curving the tail end is the most infamous trend, but keeping the line straight has become popular as well. The trick overall is to still draw a line that accentuates the shape of your eyelids. You can go along the crease for a simple look, that’s taking on a more classic vibe. Other styles include a bit more imagination and dramatic flare.

Makeup at The Accessorized Life

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More editorial looks for floating eyeliner has emerged amongst makeup enthusiast, bloggers, and artist. Yes, of course there are millions of YouTube videos on how to do floating eyeliners, that go for a more creative look. The trick is to usually leave the floating area bare and focus on the lid space above it. Dramatic floating eyeliner also looks like a way done cut crease, which is really cool as well. The floating liner alone is a pretty amazing look for the face geometrically. With the added color patterns and techniques, this look will definitely make you look photoshoot ready.

Makeup at The Accessorized Life

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Of course winging floating eyeliner was going to be tried by any and everyone trying this trend. Winged floating eyeliner is a very pretty look, and for some added spice we say go for shading in the floating area as well. Creating warm layers makes a really pretty effect on your lids. This look is amazing for nights out with friends, parties, or events. Adding blues and lighter shades makes this an amazing style for the day as well.

Makeup at The Accessorized Life

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Here’s one of the most vital reasons why we love this look. It’s so versatile, that if you wanted to wear it to work, then you can. Floating eyeliner is so diverse that you can think of the chicest ways to wear it to your advantage. Just a simple floating line at the corners of your lids can give you a chic and edgy look that’s appropriately cool for work. You can even take the eyeliner in a little more towards the middle of the lid for a sharper effect.

Makeup at The Accessorized Life

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Maybe the overall best thing about floating eyeliner is using color, that and the freeness of drawing your lines. Using an eyeliner with a pop of color will really enhance your eyes and help define the shape of your face. A white liner is an amazing contrasting color for brown skin tones. This is a cute look for gatherings, art openings, and more.

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