The Next Big Thing In Fashion

Next Big Thing In Fashion at The Accessorized Life

The Next Fashion Takeover

Fashion is very special and important, it means a lot more than what people give it credit for. Fashion speaks for us before we can even speak for ourselves, and that’s what makes it so powerful. What we wear and how we wear it makes a statement that set us apart from others. Fashion always has a wonderful way of reinventing itself. Today the next big thing in fashion will be a take on how to play with feminine silhouettes, soft touches, and lots of creativity.  

Dressing How You Feel

Next Big Thing In Fashion at The Accessorized Life

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Style and fashion go hand and hand and wearing what you want is one of the greatest celebration of the two. People aren’t afraid to mix styles and pair accessories with items that traditionally aren’t worn together. Even visiting styles from your favorite pastimes are becoming a really fun and happy fashion trend. The more we are encouraged to be creative with our style, the more people we inspire to do the same. Seeing diversity in style is the ultimate goal.

Adding Feminine Touches To Complete Your Look

Next Big Thing In Fashion at The Accessorized Life

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Powerful, bold, menswear inspired looks are all important in women’s fashion. This is because these types of garments allowed women to actually feel powerful and bold, before we were actually viewed this way in society. Now today we are keeping these styles in mind but we’re adding a feminine touch to complete the look. This small detail will actually make a significant difference in how we’ve viewed masculinity within women’s clothing. A look such as this can be pulled off with fine tailoring to help present the beauty of the female form, or something as simple as slight shoulder work can make a statement as well. Shoulder pads, raised shoulders and a nice cup sleeve, or fitted shoulders shows off the elegance of a woman decolletage.

Pink Sunglasses

Next Big Thing In Fashion at The Accessorized Life

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Pink sunglasses are so in right now, and the fun thing about it, is that it doesn’t matter what they look like, as long as they’re pink. Yes, pink sunglasses can be a very vague description, but the truth is they can be hot pink, soft pink, or neon pink, as long as they’re confirmed as pink. Here’s why…the whole idea of adding finishing touches of femininity to menswear is back and extremely important. Pink sunglasses are a perfect accessory, because they add a feminine quality in a way that’s so obvious that it’s playful, yet romantic at the same time. Pink sunglasses can be found just about anywhere right now. Trust, these are apart of the next big thing in fashion.

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