What’s In My Makeup Bag: Fall/Winter 2016 Featuring Maybelline Liquid Mousse

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Why Maybelline Liquid Mousse Is A Great Add-On For Fall/Winter

Now is definitely the time to switch out what’s in your makeup bag. I didn’t even hesitate to add my Maybelline Liquid Mousse foundation in the airbrush finish. This product can be found in most drug stores if not all of them.

maybelline liquid mousse with the accessorized life

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You know how you pack away your summer clothes and pull out all of the winter ones? I believe the same rules apply for your makeup bag/makeup routine, which is definitely the reason why I added a product or two to my bag and took a couple out.

I don’t wear much makeup in the summer if any at all. During that time I usually keep an eyebrow pencil, tweezers, lip balm, mascara, oil blotch pads, liquid eyeliner, BB cream, and concealer. I’ll be honest in the summer I use concealers more and try to stay away from foundation unless I’m going somewhere special and I’m trying to look extra cute. Other than that I use the concealer with a BB cream that matches my summer skin tone.


fall and winter 2016 makeup bag necessities with the accessorized life

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Since I am adding my Maybelline Liquid Mousse for the winter I won’t be using concealer too much either unless I feel it’s really necessary, like a break out or if my skin acts out in some other way due to stress, or just life in general. This is because I don’t like to layer too much makeup on my face and I believe moisturizing your skin is super important. My BB cream comes out also because tone correction is a part of my face wash routine. I only double up on tone correcting in the summer to make sure my skin tans all one color. I won’t be using my oil blotch pads either.

I keep a powder compact with me and it’s great for the summer because it helps control shine and oil. In the winter the air is dryer and harsh so I add a little of my liquid foundation all over my face. I think the Maybelline Liquid Mousse foundation adds a lot of moisture to my skin, which I love. I let it dry as I do my eyes and then finish it with the powder.

Other Favorite Products for the Season

On top of my feature product, this fall/winter season I have my Clinique acne solutions powder compact, my dark brown eyebrow pencil, NYX gel eyeliner, Clinique dramatic mascara, MAC lip liner in MAC red, a charlotte tilbury nude lipstick neutral, and the ultra face base primer from Revolution. Which is a new product I’m trying out this season.


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I also tend to do lashes here and there during this time. The Clinique mascara is dramatic by itself, so I don’t use it before or even after applying lashes. Since I wear lashes more often when it’s cold I carry around a tube of eyelash glue in my bag as well. I just stick it right in so that it’s always there. I even keep an extra pack of lashes just in case, because nothing is more embarrassing than talking to someone with your eyelashes hanging by a thread.


fall and winter 2016 makeup bag lash kit with the accessorized life

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And that’s pretty much the basics that I keep in my bag. Without a doubt, these items are always with me. If I do get more experimental with makeup it’s with the compacts that I usually keep at home. All of the other items I mentioned are my daily essential, can’t live without products, that I carry with me all the time. I have some links here for you all below about the importance of keeping your face hydrated in the winter and why you should change what’s in your bag every season.

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