Hurricane Harvey Update

Hurricane Harvey at The Accessorized Life

What’s Going On In Houston After Hurricane Harvey

It hasn’t been too long since Hurricane Harvey hit and destroyed Houston Texas. The people of the city are devastated by the hurricane and the effects it’s had over their city. People have been doing all that they can to make a difference and get people rescued. Unfortunately there have been some lives that have been lost, but a lot of people are safe and sound.

Hurricane Harvey at The Accessorized Life

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As the streets flooded first responders, neighbors, and even journalists have been helping people out. Although these are tragic events it was wonderful to see the love everyone had for each other. It didn’t matter that someone’s skin color was different, what mattered was saving someone that needed help. This was a wonderful reminder that we are still united and love conquers all.

Hurricane Harvey at The Accessorized Life

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As everyone is reaching a safe place to bring their families and rest their heads, there’s still much more to be done. One of the best things you can do is give to local organizations that will assure the people of Houston will receive your donation. Here’s a list of places where you can give.

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Houston is opening its doors at no charge this week, and offering extended hours. To donate, Visit its website

Houston Food Bank and the Food Bank of Corpus Christi are asking for donations.

The South Texas Blood and Tissue Center has posted an updated list of donor locations. Call 210-731-5590 or visit its website for more information.

Carter BloodCare covers hospitals in North, Central and East Texas. To donate, call 877-571-1000 or text DONATE4LIFE to 444-999.

Habitat for Humanity in Houston is helping with immediate needs as well as long-term services such as minor home repair. Visit its website to donate.

Hurricane Harvey at The Accessorized Life

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In times like these it’s important to give back to organizations that are trusted and secure. Local organizations are always best because these are places in the area that can be of immediate help. There are organizations such as united way prepared to give immediate and long term help. Keep these organizations in mind when giving. We want to make sure to keep the long term effects in mind as well.

Hurricane Harvey at The Accessorized Life

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We’ve witnessed people thank God that their families and themselves are alive and well. Although these people have lost it all, it’s up to us to help. Just imagine how fortunate we are to be warm and dry with roofs over our head. This is our condition as we watch people lose it all in a flood. The success for the survivors of Hurricane Harvey starts with us and our support.

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