How To: Accessorizing Your New Year’s Party Style

new year's party style at The Accessorized Life

Tips To Complete Your New Year’s Party Style

Your New Year’s party style is probably coming together pretty well right now. Maybe even more so, If you’ve checked out Monday’s post. You might have a good idea of what you’re wearing, but have you found the right accessories? If not here are some top trending items that you can pair with your outfit.  

Sparkling Headpieces

new year's party style at The Accessorized Life

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Don’t be afraid to go big with a sparkling headpiece. If you’re the bold and daring type I say go for it. It’s such a cute accessory and it’s never over the top for occasions such as this. New Year’s Eve is a very festive holiday. Get all the way into the spirit with your accessories. Even if you’re wearing a sparkly dress I say pair it with a sparkling headband. These are also cute accessories for more simpler outfits. A sparkling headpiece can be that pop you were looking for.

Jeweled Earrings

new year's party style at The Accessorized Life

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Jeweled Earrings are a fashion fave for fabulous parties. The bigger the better if you ask me. Whether their post, or dangling earring, jeweled ear accessories are the way to go. What fun about the jeweled earrings is that there’s so many different colors to choose from. You can make sure they match your outfit, mix colors so that they compliment your entire outfit. If you’re going with jeweled earring be sure to wear your hair up, or pulled back. There’s no need in wearing these if you’re not going to show them off.

Metallic Shoes

new year's party style at The Accessorized Life

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Metallic shoes are a must have. If you get a pair now you can easily wear them in the spring too! Just a little FYI for you. Back to New Year’s style. Metallic shoes compliments bold colored outfits perfectly. It’s such a pretty combination. You’ll be sure to stand out in metallic shoes with a bold outfit on. They’re also really fun to wear. A silver or gold metallic shoe is a classic choice. You can also go outside of the box with other colors. Metallic pinks and purple tones are really pretty as well. The best part about metallic shoes is that they don’t have to match the color of your outfit. That makes a really cool effect for any outfit.

Statement Necklaces

new year's party style at The Accessorized Life

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Statement necklaces are in all year round. I say go for sparkling jeweled necklaces for this occasion, and again the bolder the better. If you’re thinking it’ll be too much with a pair of jeweled earrings just try it out. You might be surprised about how good they both look together. Matching or mismatching is OK, as well. Just remember to have fun with your style and whatever feels right to you. That’s when your ideas really come together in making your outfit complete. Don’t hold back while styling. The more fun you have putting your outfit together the better!

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