How I Accessorized This Month While Budget Shopping

budget shopping at The Accessorized Life

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Budget Shopping Tips For Accessories

January is a crazy long month, or at least it always seems that way. Monthly budget shopping can seem like a struggle, especially when you can’t wait for the month to be over. This month it wasn’t as hard as I assumed. Some people, like myself are still saving up the money that they spent on Christmas presents. My January budget was strict in order for me to achieve my goals. These are the ways that I saved money this month while keeping up with the trends.

Social Media Deals

budget shopping at The Accessorized Life

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I was scrolling through my feed on Instagram and saw a great sale on jewelry. I’ve been seeing stuff like this lately. Instagram and other social media sites are a great place to find new boutiques. There’s always a startup boutique with a profile. I came across the post I follow from Everything Babes and took full advantage of a sale they had. You could buy 10 chokers for $5.95. It would have been crazy to me to pass that by.


budget shopping at The Accessorized Life

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I found out about this low priced store from Facebook. You can shop at ROMWE online, but I downloaded the app from my App Store. This stores sell clothing and accessories. They’re accessories along with their clothes are really inexpensive. You can find all the latest trends at prices that starting as low as $1 for necklaces. ROMWE also has a an amazing selection of reader, shoes, and bags.

Valentines Day Sales

budget shopping at The Accessorized Life

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I know this may seem early, but stores have started their Valentine’s Day sales. I’m guessing it’s to give everyone a chance to get their Valentine’s Day outfits together in advance, and at a lower price. I myself don’t have plans yet, but I was still interested in the deals. Stores such as forever 21 and Nastygal are already having their sales. I honestly bought a few things from both stores to plan for the Holiday. I feel prepared now and I saved a few dollars.

Shop Miss A

budget shopping at The Accessorized Life

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Shop Miss A is a newish boutique that started in 2007. What makes this store so popular is the prices. This store sells accessories, makeup, and hair supplies. Everything on the site starts at $1, and shipping is free on orders of $35 or more. You can also find makeup at Shop Miss A, but I enjoy this store because of how diverse the accessories are. There’s unique finds and trendy ones as well. The selection is easy to choose from and allows you to keep your style interchangeably interesting. Since the prices are so low it’s easy to buy a lot of accessories in on haul without breaking the bank.

Here’s Ways To Find More Deals

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