The Five Worst Fashion Trends in History and Why I Wish They’d Come Back

Worst Fashion Trends at The Accessorized Life

Five Really Bad fashion Trends We’d Like To See Come Back And Why

Fashion is supposed to be risky, and it has been since the very beginning. Through the history of fashion there’s been a few crazy trends that were actually kind of cool, but not that cool at all, or sometimes they just didn’t make sense. The aspects that made these trends cool is what warrants them a shot of history repeating itself. The coolest thing about fashion is that everything can be remixed in a modern way. That’s usually how older trends stay trending for so long. We’ve thought of a few trends gone wrong in the past that can definitely make a huge comeback. Here are the worst fashion trends in history and why I wish they’d come back.

The Hobble Skirt

Worst Fashion Trends at The Accessorized Life

Photo Credit: Punch Magazine

Hobble skirts were a popular trend of the 1930’s. Yes, they were chic, but they were wrong, wrong, wrong in the design department. The only thing right was how it captured the shape of a woman. There was also a nice variety as well, but the lack of space that was either at the ankles, or the knees was insane. There was only enough room, so that women had to hobble in order to move.

Cloche Hats

Worst Fashion Trends at The Accessorized Life

Photo Credit: Fashion Allure

Another classy item is the cloche hat. While this accessory is quite sophisticated, when done wrong you can look like a baby in seconds. Back when this hat was popular in the 1940’s, you had to style this hat to perfection in order for it to work. The cloche hat can definitely make a comeback in a few ways. We see it done over as either an edgier type of hat, or with a modernly cool and chic design.

White Gloves

Worst Fashion Trends at The Accessorized Life

Photo Credit: 1950’s Fashion History

White gloves are actually an incredibly beautiful trend from the 1950’s. They’re chic, sophisticated, elegant, glamorous and everything else wonderful a lady can be. White gloves really captured the essence of these qualities. As we go on about how much we love white gloves, that doesn’t change the fact that they’re too hard to wear. Can you imagine how many times these things have to come off a day in order for you to do stuff?! We think they deserve another chance in high fashion, but maybe each pair should come with a Clorox Bleach pen.

Metallic Futuristic Fashion

Worst Fashion Trends at The Accessorized Life

Photo Credit: Cinefog

Futuristic fashion was all the rage in the 80’s. Anything metallic was designed with an outer space, intergalactic, milky way galaxy look. We think it was pretty cool, but sometimes the aesthetics and overall message of the design were too hard to read. Sure, there were a lot of cool moments, but there were a lot of “huh?!” Moments too. We believe that high fashion can make futuristic fashion stick around a little longer, and make much more sense.

Spaghetti Strap Dresses Over T-Shirts

Worst Fashion Trends at The Accessorized Life

Photo Credit: Fashion

Another trend that didn’t make much sense to people, was wearing a t-shirt underneath a spaghetti strap dress. Spaghetti strap dresses and t-shirts was one of the hottest trends in the 90’s. A lot of people didn’t understand the construction of it all, but we actually love this trend and we’re happy that it’s actually back. The white t-shirt underneath the thin straps creates such a cool outline. The style blocking is visually appeasing. Another plus with this trend is that it gives teenage girls the opportunity to wear spaghetti strap dresses in a modestly cool way. This style also works for women who prefer not to show any cleavage.

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