Five Signs That It’s Time To Clean Out Your Closet

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How To Know When It’s Time To Let Stuff Go…And What To Do With It

Everyone loves clothes, shoes, and other accessories. The issue is that we don’t always have as much room to store these things, as we may think. Does this sound familiar? If you’ve started to notice that the space you store your stuff is getting a little stiff, then keep reading. This definitely sounds like you may need to expand, and or get rid of a few things. Here’s five signs that it’s time to clean out your closet. We even have a little advice on what you should do with it too!

You Don’t Have Enough Room

Closet at The Accessorized Life

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Admit to yourself that you don’t have enough space, and then start doing something about it. You know you can’t fit another hanger in there, even if you tried. The solution? Start by taking note of everything that’s in there. If you have clothing from all 4 seasons stuffed in your closet you may want to start by separating everything.

It Takes You Too Long To Find Everything

Closet at The Accessorized Life

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Here’s the deal, when you have too much going on in your closet, it becomes hard to find things. That shirt you planned on wearing today may take 10 minutes to find instead of two seconds. Once you create space in your closet organizing shirts, pants, and dresses separately will help you get in your closet, get what you need, and get out.

You Have Shoes Everywhere

Closet at The Accessorized Life

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OK, we know closet space can be tricky when it comes to shoes. Sometimes it just doesn’t feel like enough space, and we totally get it. A great way to get started with storing your shoes in your closet, is to use the floor space first. Once you’ve started doing that, if you need more room a shoe divider may help.

You Have To Literally Dive Into Your Closet To Find Stuff

Closet at The Accessorized Life

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Deep Sea diving in your closet is a sheer sign of help. Plus this method may leave your hair, and your room a complete mess. You may as well forget it, if you’re wearing makeup as well. You should seriously consider donating some clothes to charity if this is your life. Especially if you know that you’re not wearing/ using at least half of that stuff.

Your Room Is A Disaster Every Time You Get Dressed

Closet at The Accessorized Life

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Getting dressed everyday shouldn’t leave your room a complete mess. It’s pretty natural for your room to look a little “lived in” after a morning of getting ready. But a disaster though? Who has time to clean up all of that everyday? Find a wardrobe, or an organizer that can fit into your closet. Doing so will allow you to get dressed in a much neater way.

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