Faith Tuesday: Forgive even when you’ve been betrayed

Faith Tuesday at The Accessorized Life

When you experience a Betrayal

We are still on the topic of forgiveness, last week we talked about forgiving our enemies even when they have hurt us in the worst way, and one the greatest betrayals that come to mind is that of Judas.

I can’t help but feel sorry for Judas. Perhaps he wasn’t thinking about the potential consequences of his betrayal at the time. He eventually hung himself but we can imagine the mental agony he suffered just before he died. I cannot recall an experience in which I’ve chosen material things over a good friendship but I’ve heard of several instances in which it has happened. In most cases, the person who carries out the betrayal ends up regretting their actions when they come to realize that hurting another person just because of their insecurity will not change who that person really is. Also, they learn that it is better to have very little money with a friend who will always be there for you, than to have all the money in the world and not a friend to be there for you. Either way Jesus still loved him and forgave him.

Forgive Faith Tuesday at The Accessorized Life

As I speak to you I’m also speaking to myself because I’m someone that has experience betrayal and had to forgive, and I still have to continue to forgive recent betrayals. Let’s make a choice today to forgive and let’s walk it out together.

Here are some resources to help you with unforgiveness

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