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Rescued, redeemed and most of all loved

I will never forget the rainy Wednesday Night when I knew I had come to the end of myself. I had exhausted everything life had to offer me and I came up with a big, fat, goose egg – zero, zip, nada, nothing. Nothing was offering this weary soul what I desperately needed…peace.

I used to think that church and Jesus was only for good folks, boring folks, but good folks just the same. Some days I fit that description, some days I didn’t. So, I decided to avoid church and Jesus all together. I thought I would mix all those good and bad days up and everything would come out in the wash. But on that Wednesday night everything changed.

I wandered into a church, looking for answers, looking for hope. I can’t tell you what that preacher said, I can only tell you that something spoke so deeply to my weary soul that I practically ran down to the altar that night. The night I met Jesus.

Jesus at The Accessorized Life
I realized that night, my need for a Savior. It wasn’t about being good enough, I could never be good enough to restore my relationship with my Creator, God the Father. But Jesus could. He could take my weary soul and in exchange give me a new life. Not just a better life, but a new life.

He loved me right where I was. He loves you too. Exactly where you are today.

Putting our faith in Jesus, allows God to work out one of the most miraculous things He does – transform lives. This isn’t self-help, try harder stuff. This is surrender. I’m not the same girl I was all those years ago. I’ve had to let go of some stuff in my life that didn’t please God. Regrets? Never. I gave up swimming in a puddle, and was offered the ocean.

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