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The Top Bags Every Woman Should Have And Why

A woman’s bag is something sacred. Bags mean more to us than maybe any other accessory. The thing is that bags not only add style to your overall look, but they also provide functionality as well. Being a busy woman on the go, means that you’re going to always need your bag as a trusty sidekick to hold all of the stuff that gets you through the day. Bags are also needed for nights out and elegant events, for the same exact reason. No matter what the case is, the thing that remains the same is that we need out bags! Here are the top bags that every woman should have and why.


bag at The Accessorized Life

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The satchel has to be hands down every working girls best friend. She’s cute, easy to carry, and she can hold all of your stuff. The most wonderful thing about a satchel is that there’s enough room to slide in your laptop, or tablet if you needed to. The straps are long enough to fit right onto your forearm, which gives you a hands free experience. Satchels usually come with a longer strap as well to throw on your shoulder for convenience.

Shoulder Bag

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Shoulder bags make wonderful everyday bags. If you have a neutral color, then your shoulder bag can be paired with just about every outfit that you have. Shoulder bags are usually about medium size, so they’re easy to carry. This also has a long strap that you can toss on, or across your shoulder. Often called crossbody bags, shoulder bags will get you through your everyday running around needs.


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Clutches are quite the unique invention. The most spectacular quality that clutches have are their versatility. Small clutches are an ideal accessory for nights on the town, or events. Larger clutches, such as envelope clutches are amazing, because of the amount of space that they hold. Although these purses don’t have straps, they’re still easy to carry. Clutches can easily be tucked underneath your arm to free your hands. Did we mention how much style they add to your outfits?!

Small To Medium Hand Bag

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Small to medium handbags come in handy when you’re going out. Rather it’s a date, going to brunch with your girls, or just meeting up with friends in general, a small to medium handbag is the way to go. Shoulder bags can come off as too casual, while a handbag gives you a balance of casual and dressy vibes. They’re cute enough to pair with a hot outfit, but with a laidback chic attitude. They’re the perfect go to bag after you’ve gotten yourself all dolled up and ready to go.

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