Eco Styler Gel Product Review And Styling Results!

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I’ve been using Eco Styler Gel for years. We’ve had our ups and downs as I figured out which using methods works best for me. Overall this is the best product for styling in my opinion. Finding a good inexpensive hair product is so hard to do sometimes. Especially a styler. Styling products can often be more expensive, because of their high demand. I guess there’s a lot of people that want perfect hair. The right styling gel can help you achieve pretty much any look that you want.

I swear to you any time someone says how did she get her hair so slick? Or how do you lay your edges so perfectly? The answer is always Eco Styler Gel. Edge control is cute but she don’t have the power of the Eco Styler Gel.

Why I Love Eco Styler Gel

Eco styler gel to me is the most perfect hair gel in the world. The Eco Styler brand created a whole line of gels infused with different oils. They also have specific purposes and benefits for your hair.

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They always have a new one infused with coconut oil. I use the one with olive oil, because for some reason it’s the only one that doesn’t make my hair flakey.

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The olive oil eco styler gel has a slight smell to it.  I guess it’s supposed to be olive oil, but that’s not what I get. I don’t hate it, but it sort of reminds me of an old man’s cologne. It’s not a terrible smell though and it doesn’t affect your hair when applied. At least I think it doesn’t, because no one’s ever told me that I smell like old men’s cologne. It honestly may not even smell that way to you. It’s just the first thing I think of when I smell it.

This gel is great for slicking down edges. You only have to apply it maybe once or twice. I do twice because my baby hairs are a little long so like to shape them. Twice is usually good enough and my edges do stay laid all day. I promise you. It’s also amazing for wash and go’s, up do’s braids, and twist. I use this gel often for wash and go’s and when doing protective styling to keep everything in place. To me this gel works better than any other I’ve ever tried and I’ve tried a lot.

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Add More To It

I personally wouldn’t recommend using this gel alone. I know some people have no problems with using it alone, but for me using Eco styler gel alone results in breakage. I also don’t apply this gel to my hair while it is dry. You can apply Eco styler gel on dry hair, but that method doesn’t work for me as well. I have tried it before and I do get the same exact result with curl definition, but it also results in breakage. I believe even more so when applied to my hair dry. When I use the gel alone my hair is super crunchy when it dries, which makes my hair dry. My hair needs moisture 24/7, she’s thirsty.

Many people mix Eco Styler gel to make a gel cocktail consisting of Eco Styler and whatever moisturizing product they choose. The Eco Styler brand even has a new gel cocktail product that may work for your styles.

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My hair absorbs moisture super quick, so moisturizing is the most important part of my hair regimen. I always use an oil or a butter/cream as a base before applying the gel. Right now I’m using this Shea butter and castor oil moisturizer that I created just by mixing the two together. I always spray water on my hair with a spray bottle just enough to make it slightly damp.

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Then I rub the Shea butter and castor oil moisturizer in my hands and rub it throughout my hair. After that I take some gel and rake it through my hair in small sections until it’s applied to my whole entire head. Before all of this I usually part my hair so that it lays the way I want it to. Afterwards I apply the gel to style it. When you’re done your hair will need to dry.

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Style Your Curls

I’m simple so I do a side part for a side bang. If you like a front bang I suggest still doing a side part while it’s wet. Then adjusting the bang to your face as it dries. This way you won’t have, sticky, gel hair drying on your face, which may clog your pores.

You can air dry or use a blow dryer. I air dry in the summer and blow dry on medium heat when it’s cold out.

I prefer air drying, but that’s hard to do in the cold winter air. The air is too dry and cold. It’ll freeze your hair wet hair and cause dryness and breakage.

When your hair is all dried and ready to go you should have these amazing results!

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Here’s a few things to get you started on your Eco styler journey.

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