How I Define Beauty (And You Should Too) | Part 1

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And how do we define beauty? Is it a slender figure, perfect lips, and top shelf clothes? Does beauty relate to the perfectly manicured outward appearance? Is it found in the celebrity, the royal, or the pop star?

The shocking truth is yes. But not in the way you think. And definitely not in the way media would make us believe.

How I Define Beauty (And You Should Too)

1. Beauty Begins Inside

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When we consider beauty, we immediately think how makeup and hair create the image of beauty. Think about celebrities on the red carpet. Not only have they been airbrushed and contoured by makeup artists, they are donning top designer gowns, Tiffany diamond sets and shoes you could probably pay for a vacation with. We see them and we believe that is beauty. Magazines glorify their unnatural appearance and cause women to strive to look as equals.

But have you seen them without makeup? It’s not the same picture.
If we look only to the outside to what we call beauty, we are looking to a quickly fading illusion. Makeup wipes off. Hairspray loses its hold. Clothes can rip. Shoes will get scuffed and broken. Challenging the status quo – if we look inside, we are looking at an ageless mirror.


If the soul is sweet and the heart is kind, well that is how I define beauty.

2. Beauty Comes In All Sizes (Contrary To Popular Belief

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Size does not create nor define beauty. It is unfortunate that what we mostly see are skinny, emaciated body figures being promoted as beautiful. The average American woman is 5’4″ tall and weighs 166 pounds. Compare that to the average female model who is 5′ 10″ and weighs 107 pounds. The British Association of Model Agents states further that a model must have a 34″ bust, 24″ waist and 34″ hips and can be between 5′ 8″ and 5′ 11″. Anything outside that criteria is considered a plus size model.
Size does not indicate beauty, nor lack of it. Women are created in many different variations, sizes, widths and heights. We cannot allow outside influences to distort how we see beauty. Beauty is definitely not defined in inches and numbers. Unless you’re talking about lipstick color or nail polish color.

3. The Most Beautiful Feature Of A Woman Is Her Heart and Her Soul

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If a perfume comes adorned in a beautiful glass bottle with shimmering colors and gorgeous packaging, yet when it is pumped smells of rotting meat, is that perfume still desirable? Of course not. Likewise, if a person is clad up in makeup, clothing, and the whole package, yet when she speaks out spews hatred, disgust, and insincerity, do you still find beauty?
The answer is simple. No.
A woman’s soul and spirit can be brash and self-centered, or gentle and kind. In the first, there is  no beauty, nothing that is attractive and nothing that draws others in. Her beauty is fake and will fade away in time.
However, if a woman is genuinely kind and sincere for others, her presence will draw them in. The pure definition of beauty is “a quality or feature that is most effective, gratifying, and telling”. This type of beauty will never fade.

Circle Back

Yes, beauty is found in what pleases the eye. If a woman has a slender figure, nice makeup, and the accessories, yet also possesses a beautiful and kind spirit. She is beautiful.
If a pop star or celebrity also holds gentleness and warmth towards others sincerely, she is beautiful.
A woman who is short and curvy, wears lipstick and cares deeply for others, she is beautiful.
If you are struggling with your worth, believing that beauty is found in the temporary applications of makeup, weight loss, fancy clothing, and a perfect appearance, you must remember this:
You have already been created beautiful, full of love, sweetness, and joy.


Part two will look more in-depth at how beauty is defined throughout the world.
And remember, beauty can be applied on the outside but don’t neglect to focus on the inside as well.

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