Has Contouring Gone Too Far?

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Is it me, or is contouring snowballing into a million different uses? This popular makeup technique is not something new, but was introduced to DIY makeup lovers a few years ago. Once YouTubers, beauty bloggers, and enthusiast mastered this concept it blew up and spread across just about every home and bathroom mirror in America. Now you can see people contouring all sorts of stuff like their hands, feet, and cleavage.

We’ll get back to the craziness of how far contouring has gone. Before getting there I just want to say that I’m not against contouring and I find it highly fascinating. The whole purpose is to shape or even give your face more chiseled features. The end results of the people that really know what they’re doing is amazing. It’s sort of like drawing a facelift or Botox on your face.

There are so many different techniques and tricks that people use when trying to achieve the exact look that’s wanted. The concept is to draw symmetrical lines on your face with a powder that’s noticeably darker than your skin tone. You then fill those lines in with a highlighter that’s lighter than your skin tone. Afterwards, you use your foundation to blend in the lines so that they’re not noticeable.


I swear this gives people a totally different face shape, smaller nose, smaller chin, and gives a strong jaw line and a pouty look. Getting back to boobs, feet, and hands. Yes, people are really doing this as something new in contouring. I believe the cleavage contouring is the most popular after face. This is usually for women with smaller breasts that want to create the illusion of a good bust line. This look often requires contouring of the collarbone and neck as well.

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Since body contouring has become such a popular thing it’s being taken to new heights. The whole entire body is now being contoured with everyday full body tutorials. Can you imagine getting up every morning and taking the time out to contour your whole entire body? I barely want to lotion my whole entire body. If this is something you maybe into every day my hat goes off to you for your dedication.

Abs and Muscles Contouring Accessorized Life

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Abs in particular are now a highly popular part of body to contour. Even men are getting into the craze. I’m curious to see if this look will end up at beaches, or gyms this summer. If it does it’ll be interesting to see how they’re going to make sure their new contoured body doesn’t wear or wash off.

Male ab contouring the accessorized life

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Contouring is getting so creative that someone created non-touring which is the exact opposite of contouring. This is actually the latest and hottest beauty trend right now. Did someone say OK that’s enough and decided to dial it down? I have no idea, but non-touring is pretty much the same thing as not contouring.

The idea is to create a glow instead of the contouring shadows that strengthens your features or creates new ones. It is extremely popular with Hollywood makeup up artist. Celebrities such as Kim Kardashian are known for using this technique often, so will contouring ever really go out of style?

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