My Curl My Cantu Magazine Ad Review

Photo Credit: Essence

It’s a total coincidence that this review is on the Cantu magazine ad. I know that I did a Cantu Shea Butter product review, but I saw an amazing ad in this month’s Essence Magazine. I just wanted to share how great it is and get to talking about the significant meaning of it. It’s so pretty yet strong visually and the words really hit deep.

The content grabbed me after noticing the beautiful woman they used with gorgeous golden locks. It’s an actual quote from the women photographed. It says:

My hair speaks before I do

Why I love the Cantu Magazine Ad

Wow. Was the only thing I could really say next. This is what stopped me in my tracks, because this has been something so true for women of color for the past, well…forever. When has this not been the case? But not having hair that fits in with the society we lived in has always been a constant issue. As a result, our hair had such a negative relationship with our society and It’s just now being seen as “acceptable” and common.

We spent so much time dying, perming, and straightening our hair. We’ve caused so much damage to our hair and ourselves in the process, because when we deny our hair we deny ourselves. Consequently, we did all of that manipulating just to fit in. Be seen as “acceptable” to the public eye and corporate America.

cantu magazine ad at the accessorized life

Photo Credit: Black Women Natural Hairstyles

Many women would be looked over for job positions and seen as “ghetto” for having styles that represent our culture. Afro puffs and fros were viewed as lazy and nappy. Having braids meant that you were from the hood and If you had dreads you were lazy and smoked weed all day. The stereotypes for each style goes on.

Photo Credit: Essence

Photo Credit: Essence

This picture gives us something totally different. This woman has beautiful dreads that, no lie will have you staring at her head in amazement. She has them dipped in gold down to the root and she’s rocking them in a high bun. It’s just too pretty and lazy stoner was the last thing that came to mind. To be real it didn’t even cross it.

Confidence Speaks

This ad is a part of an ad series called “My Curl My Cantu” based off of this Cantu magazine ad you can tell that the concept is about confidence. Confidence in your hair and what it represents. Our hair really does say who we are before we even open up our mouths. That’s the beauty of it. It’s a part of who we are and it’s bold, and courageous, and beautiful.

It’s OK to have weaves and wigs, but even women with these styles are still building a relationship with their natural hair.  It’s about time that we all grow to love and learn about our natural hair.

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