How To Bring Life Into Old Accessories

Old Accessories at The Accessorized Life

How To Revamp Old Accessories

Accessories are always a staple add on in everyones wardrobe. The cherry on top of your outfit of the day is always your accessories. These are both perfect reasons to never be too quick to get rid of old accessories. Sometimes we feel the need to donate things we’re not wearing, which is amazing, but don’t be so quick to add to that pile. Most accessories never really go out of style. The key to making things look good has always been up to the way that you choose to style it. Here’s a few tips on how to bring new life into old accessories.

Old Accessories at The Accessorized Life

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Some of the coolest accessories are always the ones that were passed down, or given to you by a mother, grandmother, etc…the reason is, because they add a vintage appeal to your style. You can go for a total vintage ensemble, or you mixing modern flare with vintage style would create a very cool aesthetic. If you have any jewelry, shoes, bags, or whatever that were passed down from a previous decade or so, definitely make it your own and don’t be afraid to do so.

Old Accessories at The Accessorized Life

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Other accessories are most likely things we’ve had from years ago. Sometimes things we wore as children in the 90’s are still heavily present in fashion. Take chokers for example, or even bookbag purses. Both of those accessories we’re popping in the 90’s. Every girl you knew, saw on TV, or even yourself had either of the two if not both. Chokers and bookbag purses took a seat for a minute, but for the past few years both have been incorporated back into fashion as if they’ve never left. This is exactly why keeping old accessories are a must. Even if you beat the “coming back in style” rush you can become as innovative as you like about remixing something.

Old Accessories at The Accessorized Life

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Try pairing your old accessories with your newer wardrobe, but also see if styling them the way you’re use to works as well. You’ll be surprised about how good you may look, just doing the old thing, but just a few years later. You can also try styling newer accessories with older ones to give any old accessory a more vibrant appeal. People will definitely be asking you “where’d you get that?” in no time.

A quick tip for adding older accessories  to your collection if you simply don’t have any is to hit up a consignment shop, or thrift store. These are both the best places to find vintage accessories. It’s quite exciting to discover all of the cooler older accessories that came before your time, and just imagining the many ways you can style them. Plus the price’s are always crazy affordable.

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