Become An Expert At Beauty By Watching These 5 Videos

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These 5 Beauty Videos Will Make You An Expert

We love YouTube so much. Do you love YouTube too?! It’s hands down thee go to for beauty tips. Sometimes our regimen can get a little out of whack, and so can our skin too. These are the times that we need to turn to what other ladies with similar skin issues are trying? What’s working? Sometimes you just need to change a step, or two. Beauty is funny like that. Just like our hair, the longer it grows the more we realize that we have to take care of it differently, and try different hairstyles. Of course one of the main things YouTube is good for is major makeup tips. Rather you like yours caked and baked, or just a little here and there YouTube has it all for you. You can definitely become an expert too by watching these 5 videos!

Natural Hair Types & Texture Tips | Curl Pattern, Porosity, Density…

YouTuber Daye La Soul has created one of the most informative videos we’ve ever seen on natural hair care. The way she breaks down hair types, curl patterns, and porosity makes it easy for literally anyone to understand. There’s so much to learn from this video. She even breaks down which methods are best to use for your hair. This video definitely changed the way we take care of our hair, and it works! Take a look.

Video Credit: Daye La Soul YouTube Channel



This YouTuber always has more than one video in the beauty department that everyone can use. Its My Raye Raye is always honest about her beauty struggles. This skincare routine video she shares on how to get rid of acne scars is amazing! We’ve heard nothing but good things from people that have actually tried out her method. If you have acne prone skin and need help getting it clear and smooth we definitely recommend watching this.

Video Credit: ItsMyRayeRaye YouTube Channel


Black & White Cut crease & Eyeliner | AALIYAHJAY

Honestly we feel that you can watch this YouTuber’s channels all day long and be an expert at makeup by the time that you’re done. She has so many informative videos and her work is flawless. It’s hard to choose just one video, so we’re going to choose one where she uses a really cool technique, and then we’ll leave it  up to you guys if you want to watch more. We think that you will though.

Video Credit: MsAaliyahJay YouTube Channel



We did mention that It’s My Raye Raye had a lot of great beauty videos right?! Well, one of our favorites is her showing us how to get a super long Ariana Grande type of ponytail. She did a videos showing us how to achieve this look two ways. The first was using a wig with a part, and some combs she mentioned that’s the method she likes best (we liked that version best as well) Then she also shows us how to do it with a drawstring ponytail. The wig gave more length though. Ha Ha.

Video Credit: ItsMyRayeRaye YouTube Channel


How to Get Really White Teeth For Cheap | Kandee Johnson

In this video YouTuber, Kandee Johnson isn’t just showing you how to whiten your teeth. She’s also showing you how to do it on a budget. She has DIY teeth whitening tips that will cost you less than $10! Then she ends the video with a hook up on how to make your own teeth whitening trays for less than $1! Take a look.

Video Credit: Kandee Johnson YouTube Channel

Featured Photo Credit: E how


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