Beauty Shortcuts~The Easy Way

Beauty Shortcuts at The Accessorized Life

Tips To Getting It Done Faster

Life throws us curve balls all the time, which usually finds some way to cut into our “getting ready” time. If this is your life right now then you’re probably looking for a few tips on how to get things done the easy way. Cutting your time in half is always key to beating the clock, and if there’s a way to be beat in half the time then go for it! Here’s a few beauty shortcuts to help you get things done faster.

Do Your Hair Before Bed

Beauty Shortcuts at The Accessorized Life

Photo Credit: TheChicNatural On YouTube

Sometimes having perfect hair on a time crunch isn’t always that doable. If you want your hair to be right on a daily, then you should start setting it at night. Whatever your style is, rather it’s a twist out, braid out, or other curling technique. In this YouTube video here How To Pin Curl that Hair! by TheChicNatural she’s showing you her technique that she uses over night on her hair. For those of you with a little more time on your hands you’ll see her results from doing it within an hour.

Blend Your Products

Beauty Shortcuts at The Accessorized Life

Photo Credit:Cosmopolitan

One of the greatest tips to even, moisturized skin is simple and quick. Take your favorite moisturizer and blend it with your daily foundation. Once it’s blended apply it to your face for perfect coverage. Now, you skip moisturizing, because it’s already done. Being able to provide coverage while moisturizing at the same time, saves time. For oilier skin we suggest using a primer first. The primer will help combat the oils from your moisturizer, and your foundation. If you use an oil, or even Shea butter to moisturize, those definitely work too.

Line Your Eyes And Curl At The Same Time

Beauty Shortcuts at The Accessorized Life

Photo Credit: Teen

If you’re in a rush, but you just love when your eyes are lined then there’s an old trick you can try. Take your eyeline and run a thick line right at the base that presses against your upper lashline. Some suggest burning the tip of the pencil, before drawing the line. Once you’ve got your line nice and thick, proceed with curling your lashes as you would normally. After you lift the curler you should see a perfect line along your lid. Do the same thing on the opposite eye for perfect eyeliner in under 3 minutes. Now, in all that excitement don’t forget that lashes are perfectly curled as well, which will make applying mascara quick.

Taking The Perfect Quick Selfie

Beauty Shortcuts at The Accessorized Life

Photo Credit: Tunisia On Twitter

Here’s a quick beauty shortcut that doesn’t get shared often enough. You ever wonder how girls on social media are able to effortlessly always get a great selfie? Well here’s the trick, and it only takes about 2 seconds. Find your light. The lighting in your selfie is everything. Hold your phone above you at an angle and move from side to side a little. You’ll know when you’ve found your light, because you’ll glow. Once you do give face, and there you go!

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Video Credit: YouTube Nation YouTube Channel

Featured Photo Credit: Redbook

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