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What you doing this weekend? That has to be like the oldest question in the world. The weekend, and how you choose to spend it is always a top concern in society. We imagine weekend nights to be filled with fun dates,  and hanging with friends. During the day we tend to be outdoors, go to lunch, or maybe even crash a BBQ, or two. Since it’s the summer that million dollar question is buzzing hard. Don’t worry though, this article will make your weekend amazing. Read it, or miss out.

Mark Your Calendar

Weekend at The Accessorized Life

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It’s summer, so there has to be something going on in your city. Even the smallest of town have their annual summer activities. Think about festivals, block parties and any other type of events. If there’s something special you do every year, something new that you want to try mark it down for the date. Once you’ve gotten started you may realize that you have quite a few weekends covered this summer. That was easy, plus you’ll have your plans set in advance.

Be Open To Try New Things

Weekend at The Accessorized Life

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The best way to find something fun to do over the weekend, is to be open to trying out new activities. Doing the same thing every weekend can get complacent. This is one of the top reasons why people end up having no plans for the weekend. Being open minded about your weekend plans will definitely increase your chances of doing something exciting. So if you hear about something that you’ve never tried before, but it seems interesting to you, then try it. Give yourself a challenge and make an effort to do something you’ve never done before at least one weekend a month.


Weekend at The Accessorized Life

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Yes! Brunch is the best way to kick off any weekend, or to bring one to an amazing end. Saturday brunch is filled with excitement. It’s bright and early and everyone is ready to share good company over good food. Afterwards you’re definitely going to want to keep the plans going. Sunday brunch is a wonderful plan for an after activity. Everyone’s hungry after church ha ha, so why not go and eat one the most exciting meals ever after being encouraged. You’re already in a good mood and good food and company definitely heightens that.

Make Time For Family

Weekend at The Accessorized Life

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Another great once a month project to have a popping weekend is to make family dates. If you’re single getting together with your parents and siblings for a fun bowling night, or indoor rock climbing would be a blast. It’s a great way to bond and keep close to one another. If you’re married with children you can take the whole family out for the same exact activities. Family friendly plans are extremely versatile and extremely fun. If getting together once a month isn’t enough then try twice a month. That’s a surefire way to know that you’ve got plans for at least two weekends.

Make Time For Yourself

Weekend at The Accessorized Life

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Sometimes doing absolutely nothing is just as fantastic as doing something. It’s OK to spend a weekend in solitude. Just go out and do things that you truly enjoy, or stay in and do the same. We all need a little me time to unwind and relax. Making time for these kind of weekends is important to the soul. Every once in awhile we just need to relax and reflect.

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