How To Apply Mascara Without Clumps And Smudges

Apply Mascara at The Accessorized Life

How To Apply Mascara Properly And What To Do About Runs

Applying mascara can be one of the most messiest and annoying part of your makeup routine. It’s also extremely irritating when you’ve beat your eyes perfectly, and then your mascara smudges. That’s enough to make anyone scream, but the clumps are the absolute worst, because you’re left thinking how do I fix this? Do I wipe my makeup off and just try again?

Of course not! Because who has time for that?! When you’ve done a perfect eye job it breaks your heart to wipe it away. Especially over some mascara. We have some great tips to share on how to apply mascara perfectly without clumps and smudges.

Apply Mascara at The Accessorized Life

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Most beauty experts recommend that you curl your lashes first before applying mascara. If your lashes naturally curl up, then you may be able to skip this step. Our lashes work the same as the hair on our heads. When we wake up they can be all over the place. We recommend combing through them with an eyelash comb before doing anything. If you need extra attention using a curler can help you get the precision you need before applying.

Apply Mascara at The Accessorized Life

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Believe it, or not, the way that you open your mascara will determine how your lashes end up looking. Clumpiness is an issue you’ll have if your mascara is dry. Even if you’ve just bought it, mascara can dry out easily if you’re opening it too much. Most beauty experts would say try to avoid sticking the brush into the tube as much as possible during application. When you open your mascara you should only really put your brush back in when you’re moving on to your other eye, and when you’ve finished. It’s also best to wipe the tip of your brush off a little to avoid smudges.

Apply Mascara at The Accessorized Life

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If you aren’t wearing any eyeshadow using your thumb for precision is a great technique. Just take your thumb and gently place it on your lid. Lift your eyelid up just enough so that you can really see what you’re doing, and apply away! Actually, this is a perfect technique even if you’ve already applied your shadow and liner. Just move your thumb up towards, or onto your eyebrow and proceed the same way.

Remember to give the corners of your eyes attention. If you’re applying mascara to your bottom lash, placing a spoon on your cheekbone helps to avoid smudges. If you do get a smudge, because we all do, the best thing to do is to wait till it dries. Mascara, especially waterproof mascara is easy to clean up. Trying to deal with it wet, just makes more of a mess. Continue applying your mascara, and when it dries you can just flick, or gently pick it right off of your skin.

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