Stop Looking Like A Clown….The Real Way To Apply Blush

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How To Apply Blush….The Right Way!

Applying blush is a really pretty way to compliment your face after finishing your make up. That’s a little secret tip there. Apply your blush AFTER you’ve finished beating your face. There’s more to it than that though of course. Some ladies find applying blush to be a difficult task and it can be. If you’re someone who doesn’t like blush, because you feel that it’s “extra” the issue can very well be the application process. Of course you don’t want to look like you’re moonlighting as a party clown, so we’re here to help you out with some tips. Here’s a few tricks on how to apply blush the right way.

Make Sure You’re Using A Blush Brush

How To Apply Blush at The Accessorized Life

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Wearing blush gets a bad reputation for making you look like a fool, but in all actuality blush is a really pretty compliment to your overall look. Wearing blush shapes your face and highlights those beautiful cheekbones of yours, but there  are some rules. You never want to just slap some blush on your face with your brush. It’s a lot more technical than that. This is a big no, no for how to apply blush correctly. Speaking of brushes you want to make sure that you are using an actual blush brush, or a brush with a larger fan for accuracy in your application.

Find The Right Shade For You

How To Apply Blush at The Accessorized Life

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After you make sure that you have the right brush, the next step is finding your shade. Sephora and MAC have beautiful shades of blush. You can always find warm hues of pink, peach, and red.  Red blush usually looks more natural on paler skin tones. If you’re olive, or even a bit more on the deeper scale of skin tones, you may not want to use red. Pinks are beautiful on olive, and brown skin tones. The unique thing about peach toned blushes is that they can look wonderful on almost any skin tone. This is a wonderful go to shade for more casual occasions.

Get Your Technique Together

How To Apply Blush at The Accessorized Life

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The most classic technique for applying blush is moving in an upward motion, along the apples of your cheek. Makeup is just as innovative as fashion, so new techniques are always on the rise. This summer blush is in, and so is trying new ways to apply it. Applying blush just above the apple of your cheeks will make your eyes light up. If you wear highlighter regularly, then adding blush at the crease of your jaw bone will enhance this look. For a more dramatic appeal try applying blush from the corner of your eyes, to your temple. This is a fun look for a night out.

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