Addicted To Accessories? 6 Reasons Why We Are Too

Addicted to Accessories at The Accessorized Life

The Accessorized Life

Are you addicted to accessories? I am too and I have 6 reasons why. I don’t know too many people that hate accessories. Accessorizing is a significant way to separate yourself from everyone else. Hats, bags, and jewelry helps you take your outfit to another level. Using accessories to complete your look is extremely creative and puts you in an artistic playing field. Go off of how you feel when it comes to accessorizing and you’ll create magic. For all you fellow accessory lovers out there, I’m sure you can understand why I love accessorizing so much.

1.They’re Fun

Addicted to Accessories at The Accessorized Life

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Accessories are a lot of fun. Some of my favorite pieces includes headbands with veils and ears. I get the craziest looks whenever I wear them, but I love the look and the attention it brings. I believe having fun with your accessories can inspire others to do the same. They may look at you funny first, but soon enough they’ll get the picture and get in line. This is what trendsetting is all about.

2.They’re Creative

Addicted to Accessories at The Accessorized Life

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Creativity is one of the greatest qualities that accessories have. It’s all about using your imagination when you’re choosing your items. Go with what feels right. If you’ve spotted something and immediately saw 10 outfits it’ll go with, I’d say that’s a keeper. The whole point is knowing how this one item can enhance your outfit in a variety of ways.

3.They’re Expressive

Addicted to Accessories at The Accessorized Life

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Your accessories can really speak volumes. These little items plays a big part in how you’re feeling for the day. Using them to show what sort of mood you’re in is very therapeutic. You can even style yourself using your plans for the day as inspiration. Accessorizing yourself expressively can let a person know who you are, or where you’re going just by looking at you.

4.They Complement Your Style

Addicted to Accessories at The Accessorized Life

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This reason is such an obvious one, but it must be said. Accessories are notorious for complementing your look for the day. You can style an outfit beautifully without accessories, by why when you don’t have to?

5.They’re Fashion Forward

Addicted to Accessories at The Accessorized Life

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The basic accessories always stays the same. Jewelry, shoes, and purses will forever be classic staple items. Every year we do see new trends on the rise. Studs, lace, fringe, and other fun details can really reinvent the items that we love. Sometimes these things come and go, but some of these trends are naturally here to stay.

6.They Have Functionality

Addicted to Accessories at The Accessorized Life

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One of my top two favorite things about accessories is that they have function. Accessories have a purpose, they just look good while they’re serving it. We buy the majority of our accessories, so that we can put them to use. You wear a watch to tell time, hats keep you shaded from the sun, and the perfect bag will hold all of your much needed items for the day.

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