About The Accessorized Life

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The Accessorized Life by Esther Desir

The Accessorized Life is for the everyday woman who needs inspiration, guidance, and confidence in her choices for fashion and beauty. I want to positively transform women from feeling unsure into standing confidently in their God-given body through simple beauty, fashion, and accessories.

My unique gift of accessorizing transforms the average woman who is uncomfortable in her skin or lazy with her style. I use simple, casual-chic solutions which produce dramatic results. Therefore, the emphasis is all about using accessories to bring together the makeover. This sets The Accessorized Life apart from others who focus in on one particular area such as makeup, hair, or fashion. Here, you will get it all.

This collection of blog posts and features is for you, the woman who finds herself too busy or just plain lazy to get her look together. Let The Accessorized Life help you.

Convenience and quick solutions define The Accessorized Life. Don’t worry, you won’t find anything here that takes too much time or too much to figure out. I filter all the options and ideas and bring quick and simple solutions to get dramatic differences.

Faith is Beauty

The cornerstone of The Accessorized Life is faith. Although beauty and adornment on the outside create a beautiful exterior, accessorizing doesn’t matter if the inside isn’t worked on. Shape, size, numbers, clothing, name brands or palettes do not define beauty. Rather, beauty begins within.

Join me and my vision here at The Accessorized Life. Come for tips and advice and leave encouraged and inspired.

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