Accessories that Will Add Some Sparkle to Your 4th of July

Accessories at The Accessorized Life

Tips On How To Sparkle And Shine This 4th Of July

Tomorrow is the 4th of July! And just like everyone else we all can’t wait to get all dressed up and festive. On holidays such as the 4th of July, a lot of fashion rules just go right out of the window. That’s the thing that we love most about festive holiday outfits, it’s all about having fun, representing, and enjoying your day. If you’re still unsure of what you’re going to wear, then you still have some time to figure things out. We have some fun accessories to share that just might help you out. Here’s a few accessories that will add some sparkle to your 4th of July!


Accessories at The Accessorized Life

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Of course your nails are an accessory. Perhaps we forget that sometimes, but take this into account this year. If you have time, go get your nails done girl. Especially if you aren’t even close to having your outfit together. Your nails may inspire your look, or liven up whatever you decide to put on for the day.

Patriotic Shoulder Bags

Accessories at The Accessorized Life

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Shoulder bags are always in during the summer, because they’re lightweight and easy to carry. This year try to see if you can find yourself a patriotic shoulder bag. Given the holiday, this may not be such a hard task. Look for one with studs, or rhinestones for that sparkle effect.

Sequin Shorts

Accessories at The Accessorized Life

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Yes, we know shorts are more of an article of clothing than an actual accessory, but we think these are an exception. That’s because we know the chances of these being worn after the 4th of July are slim to none. They are perfect for the occasion though.


Accessories at The Accessorized Life

Photo Credit: Ali Express

Fun and festive jewelry always add a sparkle and shine aesthetic to your overall look. It’s never too hard to find festive jewelry either. You just go to the accessories section in your favorite store. We guarantee you’ll be able to find something you’ll love.

Hats Or Headbands

Accessories at The Accessorized Life

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Headbands are usually the popular choice for festive holiday accessories. We love a good headband as well, but hats are where it’s at too! A cute sparkly, sequin, American flag, hat is a really stylish alternative to wearing a headband.

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