7 Things About Your Wardrobe Your Boss Wants You To Know

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Advice from your boss about your wardrobe

Nine times out of ten your boss’s biggest issue with you is your clothes. One of the most talked about issues in the office environment is the way employees are dressed. You know that co-worker that always looks like she’s hitting the club after work? Your attire may not be remotely close to that, but what you wear probably drives your boss crazy as well. Most managers have a type A personality and loves when things are perfect. That includes having a staff that’s professionally dressed at all times. To help you out here are 7 things about your wardrobe your boss wants you to know.

1.Your Wardrobe Drives Them Insane

your wardrobe at The Accessorized Life

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If you feel like your boss has an attitude with you it’s probably true. Most people will tell you their boss is intimidated and that could be true as well. Thing is, I bet whatever their issue is, it starts with what you’re wearing.

2.You Should Dress More Conservatively

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When it comes to style at the office, your boss wants to see their team at its best. Covering all ends is the most efficient way to do your job. This includes making sure that your work performance and etiquette are on point. When business attire is required, then business casual won’t cut it.

3.Ditch The “I Wore These To Work” Shoes

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We all have had days (or everyday) when we wear a pair of shoes to work such as, sneakers, or boots. Now, if you’ve ever left them on for the rest of the day, your boss probably hates that. If you brought your heels with you, you have to suck it up and change them.

4.That Outfit Is Inappropriate

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If your boss hates your clothes then there’s probably an outfit that they find offensive. Try keeping your skirts and dresses at mid length. Also avoid tight and revealing fabrics, such as spandex. If you prefer a more tailored look go for a well fitted dresses that are made for the office.

5.Distressed Anything Is Not OK

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You may work at a laid back office that does casual Fridays. This means that you can wear jeans to work. Everyone loves casual Fridays, because who doesn’t love jeans? I’m sure your boss even loves jeans, but if you’ve ever worn distressed jeans, I’m sure that your boss hates those.

6.No Exposed Toes Please

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It is spring and I’m sure you have a cute pair of peep toes that you can style with your work clothes. You’ve probably already come up with a few amazing outfits, but there’s only one problem. Exposed toes are not appropriate for the office. Peep toe shoes are included in this rule, so are mules.

7.Wear A Jacket Or A Sweater

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Another thing to keep in mind for the spring is upper body exposure. Revealing your shoulders isn’t acceptable. If your blouse, or dress has no sleeves then you have to wear a suit jacket, blazer, or cardigan. Offices usually have air conditioning, so this one is more of a win win for you and your boss.

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