Beauty Expectations vs. Reality

Beauty Expectations at The Accessorized Life

Are Our Expectations Of Beauty Realistic?

Have you been stressed out lately with trying to keep up with the current standards of beauty? Our expectations of beauty changes like the leaves every season. Well…..we’ll be honest and say society’s expectations of beauty does. An ever changing idea of what’s beautiful makes it hard for anyone to keep up. When it comes to beauty expectations vs. reality we say falling in line with what’s popular is wack. Don’t get us wrong, we don’t think beauty trends are wack. Making someone feel like they have to change themselves frequently in order to be beautiful is.

Beauty Expectations at The Accessorized Life

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If you feel as if a certain trend you’re trying is making you popping, then why switch up with the times? You can certainly stay relevant of course, but the pressure of always looking a certain way is exhausting. One minute thin lips are in and the next you’re supposed to have lips the size of Texas. Back in the 90’s thinner was better, and today you’re most valued if you’re curvier.

Beauty Expectations at The Accessorized Life

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What a lot of women didn’t know and still may not know is that photoshopping happens quite often. A lot of the photos of beauty and fashion bloggers have been retouched. This trend came from the heavy amount of photoshopping on magazine covers. Gaps can close, waist lines become smaller, and even the color of your eyes can change with just the click of a button.

Beauty Expectations at The Accessorized Life

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The reality is being who you are and accepting yourself is the key. If you’re thinner own it, and if you’re curvier own that too. Thank goodness times are changing and realistic body images and standards of beauty are being celebrated. Can you imagine if smaller noses were in style so everyone got nose jobs, but then bigger noses became popular? What would you even do? Most procedures are not reversible.

We know nose jobs are one of the most popular cosmetic procedures of all time. With that being said you maybe thinking who the heck wants a bigger nose? But think about it. Bigger noses are a common trait with a lot of ethnic cultures. If every single woman in the world had a smaller nose you may see someone with a bigger one, think to yourself that she’s unique, and may possibly want a nose like that for yourself just to feel beautiful.

Beauty Expectations at The Accessorized Life

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Just remember that ultimately every woman looks different, and that’s what’s real. We have scars, pores, stretch marks, and blemishes. Yes, we work on minimizing these flaws, but we also have to accept them, because they make us who we are. In fact they define who we are. You’re an original, truly unique, and one of a kind. Love that, because that’s the most beautiful expectation of all.

Beauty Expectations at The Accessorized Life

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Also don’t feel bad for not rushing to keep up with every beauty trend. Try these things out whenever you want to, and not because it’s what’s considered beautiful. Just know that you’re beautiful either way and that’s what’s real.

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