What the Best Beauty Pros Do (and You Should Too)

Beauty Pros at The Accessorized Life

Beauty Tips From The Pros That You Must Take Note Off

In this summer heat you always need a great tip, or two to help you get through the day. The best beauty pros always have a wonderful trick and tip that could surely benefit us all. We’ve snagged a few good pro tips, and discovered what the best beauty pros do and you should actually start doing them too. These are keys gems definitely worth picking up, so we’ll get right into it, because the sooner you start, the better your summer beauty routine will get.

Mix And Create Your Own Products

Beauty Pros at The Accessorized Life

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One of the best ways to stay fresh faced this summer is to actually save your money and create new products from the products that you already have. Mixing your favorite face moisturizers, serums, and oils with your makeup products will create your new favorite products for the summer. Mixing your concealer with a moisturizer creates a great BB cream. You can also mix your favorite moisturizer with your favorite blush for a fresh faced creamy blush, that will add a soft pop of color to your skin.

Don’t Wear Green Eyeshadow During Allergy Flares

Beauty Pros at The Accessorized Life

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Green eyeshadow is definitely a hot makeup trend. The good part is that it really makes your eyes pop, but unfortunately that’s also the negative. When the pollen count is high for the day, or you’re just having an itchy, watery, red allergy day it’s best to avoid green eyeshadow. The colors contrast and the redness in your eyes becomes bolder and brighter. If you’ve had your heart set on green, then try a hue of blue that’s a little close to it. Blue softens out the red and makes your pupils look a little whiter.

Brush Your Eyebrows Up And Not To The Side

Beauty Pros at The Accessorized Life

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Now that over tweezed, thin eyebrows have been officially kicked to the curb it’s time to put more focus on brow care. We know avoiding tweezing is key, but those little strays do tend to get unruly from time to time. Instead of plucking them, start brushing your brows in an upward motion instead of to the side/horizontally.

Put Your Lipsticks/Glosses In The Fridge

Beauty Pros at The Accessorized Life

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Putting your lipstick in the fridge over night gives you a cool and refreshing makeup job in the morning. Lipsticks can easily melt in this heat, so refrigeration helps that as well. When you put your lipstick on your face will instantly feel cooler, and the coolness actually holds the lipstick in place for much longer.

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