6 Do’s and Don’ts For A Successful Summer

Summer at The Accessorized Life

The Latest On What Works And What Doesn’t This Summer

We all get excited for the summer to arrive. We’re even more eager once it gets here. Running wild and free, having fun, and feeling those beautiful summer breezes are all we can really think about. It’s important to remember appropriate attire for work once the weather changes, to stay hydrated, and to most importantly seize the day! Have fun and make the most out of it, because hey, we only get summer once a year. The more you follow the rules to summer, the more you’ll have fun. Here are 6 do’s and don’ts for a successful summer.

Do Eat Outside More

Summer at The Accessorized Life

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One of the most anticipated activities of the summer is eating outdoors. People love dining out all year long, it’s fun and convenient. Why not add to that experience by enjoying a meal at one of your favorite restaurants?! Good food, sun, and people watching sounds like a good time to us.

Don’t Wear Less To Work

Summer at The Accessorized Life

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OK, we get it, it’s hot. Naturally people tend to wear less in the summer to keep cool. Those “wear less” rules don’t apply at work unfortunately. Don’t be salty if your boss starts to hate your attire come mid June. There’s a way to go about staying cool in the summer while at work. Instead of wearing that spaghetti strap lace top you love, find one similar with short sleeves.

Do Enjoy The Beach As Often As Possible

Summer at The Accessorized Life

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It takes a minute for the ocean to warm up, but now is the perfect time to start hitting the beach if you haven’t gone. What are you waiting for?! Going to the beach is the posterchild for summer fun. That’s the one thing people usually think about first, so if you haven’t gone then grab your friends, or your honey, and go!

Don’t Complete Your Outfit With Flip Flops

Summer at The Accessorized Life

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Flip flops are a huge don’t in the summer. Well, let’s rephrase that. Flip flops are a huge don’t to complete your outfit. Flip flops are great for hanging around the house and running errands. When you’re actually going somewhere, and you’re fully dressed, wearing sandals is the way to go. Flip flops keep your feet dirty, and sandals are way more stylish.

Do Wear Bold Makeup Colors

Summer at The Accessorized Life

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Bold colors and bold makeup choices are trending this summer. Trying unconventional techniques for applying your eye makeup is also a very cool trend right now. It’s no surprise that the two are being brought together to create the hottest makeup look of the summer.

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