3 Unique Ways To Wear Different Spring Fashion Styles


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Top 3 Different Spring Fashion Styles

The classics are in this spring when it comes to styling. Chic ensembles paired with light accessories are definitely the way to go. Your outfit can be chic rather it’s on the preppy side, street style, or a little business casual. Different spring fashion styles can be created from the items you already have right in your own closet. The classics are your basic clothes, shoes, and accessories. Although they’re basic, it’s all about the way you style them that makes a difference.

Round Toe Shoes
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It’s safe to wear shoes again! That doesn’t mean that you have to put away your boots, so let them stick around. The weather in your neighborhood still may be a little cool here and there. Those warm sunny days deserves a cute pair of shoes.

Round toe shoes were kicked to the curb by pointed toe shoes. This spring they’re rising from the ashes cuter than ever. The slip on sneaker flat has never left the scene. Brands such as Vans, Jeffrey Campbell, and coach have kept these shoes around. Round toe heels and flats are my new muse for spring styles. Round toe heels will pair perfectly with your work attire. Flats will compliment your laid back weekend look.

Beaded Charm Bracelets
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Beaded charm bracelets are still cute and one of the top accessories everyone has right now. They’re a great spring accessories because of the bright metallic tones and vibrant colors of the beads. Stacking them up was a cool idea during last fall. Now we can cut back on the layers as winter ends and spring starts to break.

Pairing a beaded charm bracelets with a watch and, or a few others is the perfect combination. You can even wear less if you’d like. If less is the best route for you I would suggest wearing one that really stands out. A cool statement bracelet is very chic with office and business casual outfits. They also add a great boho chic flair on casual days.

Rolled Up Jeans
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Rolled up jeans are an old pastime of mine. I’ve been working on my roll game since I was a kid. They always had to be perfect. To me, this look never goes out of style. If jeans are still around they’re going to get rolled. Even the emoji jeans are rolled up at the hem. That’s how you know it’s serious.

This look is so amazing because it makes every outfit look so cool and edgy. Rolled up jeans can be worn with cute preppy flats, heels, and well, just about every pair of shoes that you have.

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