3 Steps To Finding The Perfect Fashion Accessory

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The Best Ways To Find Your Favorite Accessory

We love, love, love accessories, and the right one can easily become your best friend. That bff situation makes accessories that much cooler. The way it works is simple. You’ll just simply fall in love with stuff. That’s the way it works, but the trick is that just because we fall head over heels for things, doesn’t make it perfect. Finding the perfect accessory includes a few more factors, but we have what they are. Here’s 3 steps to finding the perfect fashion accessory.

Easy To Style

Fashion Accessory at The Accessorized Life

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Here’s why falling in love with an item doesn’t make it perfect. Sometimes those things we love at first sight, might become the thing we wear once and then stick it in the back of our closets. The thing you need to figure out before you buy it is, can I style this? So many women waste tons of money buying fabulous fashion that they never wear. If you can think of at least 2-3 ways to style a new accessory then you’re onto something. Sometimes you just may see something and instantly know that you can wear it everyday. We may not wear it everyday, but they usually become our favorites.


Fashion Accessory at The Accessorized Life

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The second thing you want to consider when connecting with your new favorite accessory is how does it work? The best accessories always have some sort of functionality. For example your favorite raincoat maybe cute, but it also keeps you dry. You may think that new cardigan flatters your figure, but it also keeps you warm…see where we’re going? Finding an accessory is sort of like finding a boo. If all it’s bringing to the table is being cute, then you’ll pass. You definitely need more such as, warmth, comfort, support, etc….keep this in mind before you even buy it. Purchasing an item that’s uncomfortable, but cute will only get it returned back to the store. Figure out what it does for you, before paying for it.

Makes You Look And Feel Good

Fashion Accessory at The Accessorized Life

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Once you’ve got the really important factors squared away, it’s time to enjoy the icing on the cake. If your new accessory makes you look and feel like a million bucks, then it’s definitely a winner. These are the items that we tend to cherish, and form memories and bonds with. Sometimes this can be our “go to” item for multiple occasions. This is a cool concept, because you already have like 12 different ways to style it that will make it look new every time that you wear it.

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