3 Common Ways Your Wardrobe Isn’t Working And How To Fix It

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3 Ways To Fix Your Style

Sometimes we just really start to hate how everything looks on us. It doesn’t matter what it is, for someone reason we all have these moments. The feeling of being unsatisfied with what we’re wearing and how it’s fitting is an annoying one. There’s a few easy and simple solutions that you never really think of first. Here are 3 common ways your wardrobe isn’t working and how to fix it.

Have Proper Underwear

Wardrobe at The Accessorized Life

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One thing people really don’t realize is how much your underwear makes a big difference in your look. Wearing undergarments that are too small, or don’t flatter your body have to go. Well fitted bras, panties, and even spanx can make you look and feel at least two sizes smaller. This is because underwear was designed to help snatch your body, tone it, and support you in all the right places. We’re serious, go out, buy underwear that fit, and watch how differently you’ll look, feel, and even act. It’s so simple yet it works great wonders and wearing the right underwear actually makes you feel pretty comfortable and confident.

Wear Your Actual Size

Wardrobe at The Accessorized Life

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Speaking of the right size you definitely have to shop and buy your size. Sometimes it feels flattering and self assuring to try to squeeze into things that are a size, or two too small. Try things on before you buy them if you’re unsure of your actual size. Wearing your size along with the proper underwear will make you look like a totally new person. You’ll look like you’ve at least dropped 20lbs. This is honestly one of, if not the major important factors in styling and fashion. No one’s body is perfect and we all have little things we’d like to hide. The best way to do this is to definitely wear your size.

Shop Your Body Type

Wardrobe at The Accessorized Life

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Once you’ve figured out your size you’ve most likely gotten some idea on your body type as well. Everybody’s body is different and clothing isn’t sold in stores by body types. Maybe that could be helpful, but for now the best thing to do would be to focus on your body and what looks good on you. Knowing your body can and will change your wardrobe, attitude, and your physical appearance as a whole. Girls with bigger boobs have to shop differently than girls with smaller ones, and so on. This is because certain styles that looks flattering on some can be disastrous to others.

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