The Top 2017 New Year’s Resolutions I Keep Seeing On Social Media

2017 new year's resolutions

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Popular 2017 New Year’s Resolution

Since I’ve shared a few of my 2017 New Year’s resolutions I felt compelled to see what other people’s resolutions are as well. I love knowing other people’s goals and aspirations. It’s always good to hear people expressing positive changes and ambitions in their lives. Especially since 2016 has been such a hard year for many people. Seeing the excitement people are having about 2017 is a beautiful sight. Here are some of the most popular resolutions for  2017.

Let Go Of Negative Energy

2017 new year's resolutions

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So many people are talking about getting rid of negative energy, staying positive, and cutting people off. Some of it has been kind of funny, but a lot of the messages are actually quite healthy. Letting go of people that bring negative energy to your space is a great thing. Staying faithful and positive about the road ahead of you is the best thing that you can do for yourself. It’s good not only for your mental, but for your physical health too.

Make More Money

2017 new year's resolutions

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Another thing I’ve been seeing a lot of lately, is people wanting to change their lifestyles. Everyone wants to travel, shop, eat good food, and just live the lives that they dream of. Why shouldn’t they? Everyone deserves that. The only thing stopping them is money. Bills and living expenses such as food and shelter keeps our pockets kind of light. We lost a lot of great people in 2016 so this year people are thinking about life, and ways to enrich it. I myself would love more money to travel for work and give to back for being so blessed with it. Being money driven isn’t bad when you have the right kind of plans for it. Let’s face it, without it we wouldn’t be able to help ourselves much, or those that are in need.

Elevate Your Career

2017 new year's resolutions

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Every ambitious person has been working their behinds off. There’s this weird space of time right after Christmas and before the New Year. People tend to evaluate their year, wonder what they’re doing, and focus on a plan for the future. I’m seeing a lot of go getters focusing on new plans for the year. Some people already started planning before 2017 even arrived. The big thing right now is taking whatever it is that you do, and bringing it to the next level. How can you expand, help others, and really make a difference? If these things concern you, I say answer the questions and get started.

Live Life

2017 new year's resolutions

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I’ve been seeing so many people wanting to try new things. I even came across a Facebook status the other day of a girl saying she wanted to go whale watching in 2017. Whale watching ain’t really my thing, but I really admired her need to try something new. Whatever that thing is that interest you, do it! I can’t get enough of seeing people express new adventures that they want to try. The ideas people are coming up with are so creative and actually pretty interesting. We only live this life once, so why not add some excitement to it?!

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