15 Hilarious Videos About Fashion

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Funny Fashion Videos

YouTube is full of hilarious videos that poke fun at fashion. You can watch models falling on the runway, and they’re laughing just as hard, because fashion is truly lighthearted. People let down their hair all the time in the fashion industry. YouTubers have even created parodies of fashion and beauty vloggers, and their impressions are amazingly funny. Check out these 15 hilarious videos about fashion.

1.High Fashion Falls

Video Credit: Movie Talkies YouTube Channel

Models fall on the runway more than what we think. It’s not always easy working the Catwalk in heels.

2.Catwalk Catastrophes

Video Credit:Failure Collection YouTube Channel

Some models end up falling, and then take a moment to have a good laugh about it.

3.Australia’s Next Top Model

Video Credit: Sally Parker YouTube Channel

Australia’s Next Top Model had a hilarious challenge. Model walked a water runway inside of a bubble.

4.Funny Catwalk

Video Credit: AmitAroraLive YouTube Channel

This is a collection of funny fashion videos, featuring a model being knocked off stage by props.

5.Funny Fashion Fails

Video Credit: superstarmag YouTube Channel

Funny fashion fails will have you in tears in minutes. It’s nonstop funny.

6.Weird And Wacky Fashion Show Bloopers

Video Credit: The House of Jokes YouTube Channel

This is a weird, and wacky fashion show that I found humorous. The designs are out of control.

7.Funny Beauty Blogger Parody

Video Credit: Cassidy Gard YouTube Channel

This YouTuber makes fun of beauty bloggers and their modeling techniques.

8.Every Beauty Vlogger Ever

Video Credit: CollegeHumor YouTube Channel

This hilarious video features a girl poking fun at every type of beauty vlogger videos.

9.Things Beauty Bloggers Say

Video Credit: The Platform YouTube channel

This guys does an outstandingly funny job at mocking things beauty bloggers say.

10.Trends We’re Ditching In 2017

Video Credit: Jackie Aina YouTube Channel

This is one of the funniest trends we’re ditching in 2017 roast I’ve seen.

11.Confessions Of A Fashion Blogger

Video Credit: Luísa Lión YouTube Channel

This video gives us a comical insight on what fashion bloggers lives are really like.

12.Beauty Guru Morning Routine Parody

Video Credit: Alysse Paris YouTube Channel

This YouTuber does an extremely funny spoof of morning routines.

13.Fashion Vloggers In Real Life Vs. Reality

Video Credit: Nicole Andersson YouTube Channel

This funny video shows us fashion bloggers expectations and realities.

14.Beauty Guru Q&A Parody

Video Credit: BRITTNEYLEESAUNDERS YouTube Channel

I laughed so much watching this girl do a spoof on beauty bloggers Q&A’s.

15.Replying To Haters Comments

Video Credit: BRITTNEYLEESAUNDERS YouTube Channel

This same YouTuber does another hilarious video making light of her haters comments.

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Very Funny Models are Falling During Catwalk on Ramp

Video Credit: The Walang Katulad


Video Credit: Emily Olson

Featured Photo Credit: The Platform YouTube channel

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